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I have always had problems with my hips, mostly my right. Lately its been getting worse, and my hips are always sore, stiff, and popping. it really gets in the way of my extension and turnout, and because of this there is a major difference between the two sides. Are there any stretches/exercises/advice that could possibly help me? Its starting to be a very big problem.

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I would suggest the first place to start, if you are in pain quite often, is the doctor! Just to be safe it would not be a bad idea. Have you discussed this with your teacher? Maybe your teacher could be of some assistance? :flowers:

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Guest IrishKitri



I have/had the exact same problem with my hip. Except it would not hurt as much as you describe. I agree with vrsfanatic that you should see the doctor if you are in pain.


My physiotherapist explained to me that in MY case, my hip problems are a consequence of wrong training I got over years, and now, that I am working correctly, my body needs to adjust. It wouldn´t work too well in the first months so everything got tight and tense and my hip wouldn´t even pop like usually, it was just stiff. The PT loosened it with massages and stuff and it´s been a lot better since then. My hip is popping happily all day but it feels good :-), no pain at all. :thumbsup:

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Guest meliss83

on the hip topic. Sometimes when we stretch as a class we go from straddle to a left split and then straddle and then to a right split. I can do a full straddle and i can do full splits on both sides, but it is the getting there i have trouble with. I can slide into a split or turn my legs to get into but when i have to re-arrange my hips to go from straddle to split it hurts and doesn't work so well, is this a personal problem that is just the way my hips are, or is it a problem that can be worked on and eventually changed? thanks!



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Doesn't quite make a lot of sense to me, Meliss. However, try lifting yourself up by using your arms, and turning the hips that way and then lowering into the full split.

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When i turn from left split to straddle(not full yet), i have to pop my right hip into place. I havent yet been able to see a doctor about it, but that is a recent development involving my hip problem. One thing my teacher mentioned is glucosamine, which i suppose is good for the joints. Her dogs take it for their hips. Do you have any information or opinions regarding glucosamine?

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Glucosamine (an amino sugar) is often found in tablet form together with chondroitin sulfate (another kind of carbohydrate) and has been found to work in about 25% of preliminary research cases of osteoarthritis. Final results of the study are pending.

The regimen is kind of longish, though, requiring an initial dosage period which goes on for a month and then takes a maintenance dosage. While this is fine for osteoarthritis, which is sort of like forever, an injury might just be healing on its own in the meantime.

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