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foot shape

Guest kitrisomeday

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Guest kitrisomeday

oh, how do i describe this? one "side" of my foot is archy but the other is...square.


well, looking from the side at the inside of my foot, it looks very archy. but lookin from the side at the other side, it is square and flat. the result is, if i do tendu side and the teacher is behind me, it looks like im not pointing my foot, because they are seeing the flat side that really ruins my line. is this a result of rolling back on my foot in first? was i just born with a funky foot? because other people in my class dont have such a dramatic flatness to the flatter side of their feet.


whew, hope people can understand that

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Guest SophieSapphire

I have that same foot! I've always thought it was kind of wierd, but it is just the way our feet are. I thought that when someone looked at my foot from the outside it wouldn't look pointed too. However, I realized that as long as my whole foot is pointed, on the outside of the foot your pointed metatarsel is still visible, so it's really not that big of a problem anyway. (Good thing too, because our funky feet can't be fixed!) So just be sure you're pointing your whole foot! Hope that answered some of your questions! (If this post really didn't help anything or makes no sense, feel free to delete it.)

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