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Is two enough?

Guest ckdancegirl7

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Guest ckdancegirl7

I have read MANY threads on this website having to do with pirouettes and I am glad to hear all people have to say about them! But many people talk about how they can do between 3 and even 8 of them EN POINTE and I am amazed and inspired! :wink: However, I am considered a fairly good turner (in this case meaning my turns are clean and controlled) but I can not do more than a double on pointe. On flat I can do triples but no more. Is it necessary to be able to do large amounts of mulitple pirhouettes? I am working very hard on mine and am determined to improve them even more, but do you think it is very important to be able to do over 2 or 3 en pointe as others have done? Do companies, summer intensives, and others want a dancer to be able to do that many? :thumbsup: I would like a word from the moderators first please. Thank you for your help! And congratulations to all you great pirouetters!

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ck, two or three REALLY CLEAN, WELL EXECUTED pirouettes are far better than multiples which are not clean and probably not well finished. There are a few dancers who turn well naturally who will do more, but if you can be consistent and clean with doubles and triples, that is all they will ask for.

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Mr. Balanchine used to say: Do three at most. After that, they start counting.

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My teacher rarely asks for more than two, although we are always welcome to do as many as cleanly possible. A lot of the time, though, he focuses more on doing one pirouette ending on releve facing front, emphasising control. i have found that not stressing over how many i can do helps me to do multiples, even if it isnt a bazillion.

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Good thing you asked that cause I am 13 and I only do 2-3 piroquettes on pointe. One time I got lucky and did 4. But that was only once. I hear everyone doing 5 or 8 and I only do 2 or 3. I am glad to know that other people are like me! :gossip:

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Guest dancergal

There is one girl in my class who can do a constant 4 pirouettes, but she looks horrible when she does them. Instead of thinking of her technique, she thinks of turning around as many times as possible. I have lots of different teachers and they all teach differently, but they're all agreed that quality is more important than quantity. They urge us to do as many pirouettes as we can, but only if they have clean technique.

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Yeah, I'm 13 and I can turn doubles on flats and I've only done pirouettes once on pointe and I could only do a double and I think that was a fluke!!!

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I have the same type of problem! I can do very clean doubles on pointe and flat and sometimes triples, but no more. But I think clean doubles look much better than messy triples or quadruples and so do teachers (at least mine do).

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