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I REALLY need some help with my spotting. I just can't seem to get my head all the way around or I have trouble finding my spot when I whip my head around. This is the main trouble in my pirouettes- I can do a double sometimes but my teacher thinks I should be able to do doubles or triples once I figure out how to spot. Thanks in advance!

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Hello dance24/7, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :D


Spotting is just a matter of coordinating the turning movement with the head movement, and takes a bit of practice, like anything else. The problems with spotting really kind of need to be seen to determine what needs to be corrected though, which is where your teacher comes in. Usually when I have a student who just "can't" spot, it's because she is holding all the tension in her neck, and just not allowing her head to be free enough to turn. Try taking a breath just before the turn, and as you go into the pirouette, exhale and then smile! It will release all that tension and hopefully your head will turn. Then you will just have to worry about the alignment, balance point, position of the retiré leg and foot, and of course the arms and shoulders! :wink:

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Guest dancinabbs

What my teacher does with us when we aren't spotting or with the younger kids who just started doing pirouettes is she tells us to just shuffle around in place (as if you were doing a pirouette buton to feet and so much a spin but a shuffle). Meanwhile, you spot and when you get to the back whip your head around, as you would while spotting. HTH!

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