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The Unexpected Consequences

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In a line with hart's topic, but a little sillier.


I never expected when I started taking ballet classes that I eventually would own only convertable tights.


...that I would never again be able to paint my toenails (my one girly obsession) and have them look nice for more than a few hours.


...that with all the cool ways I know to arrange my hair it would pretty much end up in a bun every day.


Anybody else?

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...that I would get visible abdominal muscles, which I never ever had before.


...and that I would basically stop watching tv and not miss it.

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... that the music would stay so persistently in my head! (I find myself humming

tunes from class pretty often)


... that I would ever appear on stage in a performance -- (even though it was only as a

background character, it was still a miracle for me, just to be a tiny part of a production)


... that I would end up spending so much energy and money to see more and more live ballet performances

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... that I'd find myself doing grande allegro down the hallway of the computer science department.


... that I'd start considering tights - which I used to hate - normal, comfortable, everyday wear, and that I'd actually feel comfortable in a tightly fitting t-shirt, or even a leo, to the point of detesting the loose ones that go with the swords class dress code.

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... That I'd get so pleased when people tell me they think I have nice looking feet :clapping:

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...that i would develop a serious shopping habit for leotards and pointe shoes


... that i would try to find yet more classes to take to fill the evenings that i haven't got ballet!!

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An older woman actually made a point to come up to me in a cafe and tell me how nice my posture is. I used to be all slouchy.

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...that I would ever own so many items of clothing containing lycra.

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Hi All!

That I would actually find or rediscover something as exciting as Giant Slalom skiing! (Racing)

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