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Technique class vs Rehearsal


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I think it's simply not in the realm of possibility economically for most schools to be able to offer performances AND all those non-technique classes ( pointe, repertoire, modern, character). For one thing, an extra room at the same time as a rehearsal is often unavailable. And the studios frequently can't afford to pay a teacher for an extra class a day even if there WERE studio space available. Or they may not have enough teachers to go around. Lots of logistical angles to consider.


Then of course there are the benefits of the rehearsals themselves. Yes, it's true, as pointed out, that there's a lot of sitting or standing around in some rehearsals. But kids are still learning an awful lot through what they're seeing and hearing about how a performance comes together through these rehearsals. Many kids stretch while they're waiting. My daughter constantly came home from rehearsals describing what factors were considered in spacing, in moving groups of dancers around, etc. She loved those aspects of ballet, loved seeing what thoughts go into making a ballet presentable.


It isn't the same as a full class but it's important nonetheless. For some kids such as mine, the performances are what keep them motivated in their ballet training.


I would've been very unhappy, though, if technique class were sacrificed. For one thing, it's dangerous. They need a really solid warmup before rehearsals.

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Guest LaurieM

Missing class for recital work is one of my biggest pet peeves. In previous years studying other dance forms other than Ballet, I've spent weeks and even MONTHS preparing recital pieces, and I've always felt it to be a waste of my time. I can see how the wee cuties enjoy dressing up and performing for their moms and dads, but at that age, I don't suppose any of them are truly benefiting from what can be called "proper dance classes" (what do three and four-year olds do at class anyway?) Admittedly, I do like being on stage, and part of me DOES appreciate the opportunity to perform. But ... I shouldn't be paying for 6 months of classes and 4 months of recital prep for a 3-minute number I'll dance once or twice and then forget.

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