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Sleep Problems at SI


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Last summer I had a bit of a hard time at my summer intensive (Atlanta Ballet Western Carolina) falling asleep. The problem continued most nights for the three weeks I was there. I usually ended up falling asleep at about 1 or 2 in the morning. Though I didn't have many problems with tiredness the next day and in class, my insomnia made me anxious and added alot to the stress I was already coping with. I have had problems with anxiety disorders in the past, and I did get pretty anxious while at the SI. This was definently a key factor as to why I had trouble sleeping...that's a given.


But I don't want to go through the same problems this summer. I know I will get fairly anxious, but I have ways of dealing with that. I just need some special ways of dealing with my insomnia. The thing that seems to work well at home is watching my favorite show of all times (Friends) before going to bed. But the problem with that is, I am not sure that I will be allowed to watch TV that late in the night.


I am open to ANY suggestions. Thanks!

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I suggest that you bring either a small radio or a small hand held TV with an ear plug set for it. Since you will be sharing a room, and there are no TV's in the rooms unless you bring one, you probably won't be able to watch TV late at night.


If you did not feel tired the next day, then perhaps you were getting the sleep you required. The best thing is not to worry about it, because that in itself causes anxiety, and then the anxiety causes you to stay awake, etc., etc. Some people just do not require as much sleep as others, and you might be one of those. And, since you say you have ways of dealing with the anxiety, then don't let the sleep thing upset that. When you worry about not sleeping is when you don't sleep.

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Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I believe that I am one of those that does not require as much sleep as others. I will definently plan to pack a small TV and ear plugs. Thanks again!

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I, too, have anxiety problems, which often are strongest around bedtime. If there are other people around, one thing that I find helps is talking with them as you are falling asleep. For me, as both people get more tired, the conversation just sort of dwindles down until you are asleep. Another trick that works for me is concentrating on something like a book (it seems like "Friends' works well for you, and by the way, great show!) or activity, but I do it with the lights out, and only a small reading light. I use baby names :shrug: I just flip through one of my name books, and I underline all the names that I like, and then I try to put them together to make nice combinations. It helps relax me, and once I decide to try to fall asleep, it gives me something to think about. Hope this helps.

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Guest Bella

That's a really good idea Dolphingirl! I've done that on occasions (especially a couple months ago when major news was broken to me I had a lot of trouble thinking about anything else). It really seemed to hel me fall asleep, and I found some great names too! Good luck at your SI pointework....I hope you solve all of your problems.

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Thanks so much you guys! Those are all great suggestions that I will definently try. Dolphingirl, I hope you don't have trouble with your anxiety. We all know how much of a pain it can be. I guess we just have to look at the bright side and not worry, but be happy.

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