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Favorite Ballet Dancers from Kirov?

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Who are your favorite dancers from the Kirov-Mariinsky? I couldn't even decide... Just list anyone -- male, female, former or current dancers, etc. :clapping:

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although she is not dancing at the Mariinski Theater anymore, my favorite is Tatiana Terekhova. Everytime I see her I am mesmorized by the precision of her technique, by her power (her cabrioles and her fouettes and pirouettes are out of this world) and stage presence. Also, catching a glimpse of her in class in the Backstagre at the Kirov video was a real treat for me! Favorite present dancer: Yulia Makhalina (loved Zakharova but she is gone now)...The more I think of the Mariinsky dancers, the harder it is to choose! I shall stop here, or I might just list them all, even the students I saw on tape once are in my opinion incredible as well! Ok that is it! :dry:

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Guest IrishKitri

I love Irma Nioradze ... since I´ve seen her as Ruby in Balanchine´s "Jewels". I´ve also been lucky enough to be allowed to watch the Kirov in their daily class and her dedicated work made me adore her even more!

Svetlana Zakharova I love for her unbelievable precision, but for me, she seems a bit too "cold" on stage.

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Guest RussianSylphide

Alla Sizova is and always will be my favorite



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Larissa Letzhina (spelling?), Diana Vishenva, Uliana, Alina Somova (I believe she is a new member :-) ), Svetlana Zakharova (although now she is with the Bolshoi), Altynai Asylmuratova, and many more.

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I have to amend my previous answer. If we're talking about current dancers, then besides Ayupova, I must add the entire corps de ballet. I really feel that the corps dancers--and of course, their coach(es)--are holding the Kirov together right now, artistically.


Now, when it comes to previous generations, I'm with RussianSylphide. Sizova was incomparable!

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I basically love the whole company! :)

Andrian Fadeev, Igor Zelensky, Leonid Sarafanov, Igor Kolb, Dmitri Semionov!

Diana Vishnieva, Alina Somova, and Svetlana Zahkarova!

And of course Makarova and Barishnykov!!!!

They are all so great. There is also one corps girl who is amazing, but I don't know what her name is.

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My hands-down favorites are Vishneva and Lopatkina. Irma Nioradze is not usually one of my all time favorites, but I did see her dance a Manon that is on my short list of the greatest performances I've ever seen.


And I second what Hans said about the corps de ballet. When they're really on their game, they can be the stars of the evening. Even when they aren't having the greatest night, they are still world class.

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Uliana Lopatkina, because I admire the fact that she picks her roles, which just makes her performances better. She has a wonderful technique and she is not only about high extensions and such, she dances with passion.

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