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How do you get accepted to the Joffrey School's year round program? Is there any housing available? I have tried to contact them, but they never reply.... Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am considering either CPYB or Joffrey for year round, so yeah. Thanks!



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Phone them during business hours, Eastern Daylight Time. I'm a little surprised that Mrs. D'addario hasn't sent you the standard "nearby housing" materials. They may be swamped with the summer acceptance replies from students. The school has no housing associated with it, but maintains a list of options available for students.

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I would not attend Joffrey year round. To tell you the truth the program is not that great. There is no housing I took a class there because I was also interested in their program and I wasn't really that impressed. I'm sorry I am not really being very imformative :yes:

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