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Inner thighs


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I have a question about using the inner thighs, do you use them when closing in from a tendu? I have always had problems with getting a tight, close fifth, especially when doing tendus. But my teacher told me I have weak inner thigh muscles, so I thought maybe that is why I'm having problems with that. Should you like squeeze the thighs together? I heard that strong inner thigh muscles gives you a better turnout, is that correct? I would be so thankful for answers on this!



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You don't exactly "squeeze" the thighs together, but the inner thigh muscles in particular are attached to some of the most powerful rotator muscles you have. So, yes, the inner thigh muscles are definitely in play when you close to first, third, or fifth, or really anytime, to maintain good rotation from the hip, which in turn leads to better turnout (where the feet end up on the floor).

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Thanks a lot Mr. Johnson! I will try to think about that, and my teacher gave me some exercises to strengthen those muscles that I'm going to work on. :yes:

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