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Scholarships at a school

Guest Megari

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Megari, thank you for your further explanation. I am sure if your daughter's teachers were aware that she used her lovely gift as a toy, they might be disappointed. In the professional world of ballet, pointe shoes are a very serious thing. I am relieved to hear however that no teacher using the name of Vaganova has put an 8 year old on pointe.


I wish you all the best in your endevour to find the best training for your child.

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Guest Vicarmac

I did not say financial stay private while merit are "leaked" I think both kind are Leaked too often. This is why financial ones actually should be handled by outside people when possible to gauge need etc. and the teachers and directors should not even know.

I don't even care if merit is auditioned for or just given out when the owner decides they want to keep someone. But IF it comes at the cost of telling a kid they can never tell anyone they are on scholarship, I do not like it. While it is often done that way because they think other students and parents will be upset or jealous it usually backfires. People guess who it is or someone who works there leaks it. Or a little kids just can't keep it quiet and then the REAL resentment sets in. So instead of protecting the kid or even the owner it breeds gossip and complaints. I have observed this from talking to parents at places that do it. While a small school may be very limited in what they can do, it would be better PR to state that they can give only very limited funds and they are up to the discretion of the owners or board. People may still feel resentment they are not picked but I think less than when a 12 year old lets it slip to her best friend and it was supposed to be a SECRET.

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Megari, thank you for the clarification. I still have strong reservations about a teacher who would give a child pointe shoes as a gift, when she is not yet ready for pointe work, since it would be extremely unlikely for any child not to put them on, and once they are on, you KNOW the next thing that happens is that she is going up on pointe. Just human nature. And, working in pointe shoes but not going on pointe, for a child who has not yet been on pointe, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


As for scholarships, I think this topic has said enough. It's a difficult subject, and we are in danger of adversity here, so I'm closing the thread.

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