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Guest sweetie

Ballet Schools in California - San Diego

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Lynch Dance Institute and 4S Academy 

Anyone have perspective on these schools and where they fit into the greater context of the ballet world? What types of dancers are they producing? My daughter is 8 and we’re considering these schools.

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Grapesoda, my dancer is at Lynch Dance Institute and we have been incredibly pleased with them.  

The staff is high quality and small. The founders, Timothy Lynch and Alexandra Dickson, both had careers dancing with PNB and are well connected in the ballet world. They both genuinely invested in their dancers, easy to communicate with and very transparent. 

LDI has a Professional Experience Program, which is a daytime program for high school aged dancers and just launched a new daytime program, PEP Jr., for middle school aged dancers who are choosing alternative academics. The bulk of the dancers take evening classes to accommodate traditional academics. The training is solid on all levels and they give a lot of personal attention to the dancers.

The vibe is friendly, competitive behavior is dealt with promptly. There is a high expectation fo the dancers to be good people in general and to support and encourage each other. Parents are friendly and welcoming.

This summer they sent 2 dancers to PNB, 2 to SAB (1 invited to stay year round and accepted), 3 to Houston (2 invited to stay year round, 1 accepted), 1 to Princess Grace, 1 to Boston, 2 to Austin Ballet, 1 to Bolshoi Ballet. For the 2 graduating seniors 1 accepted a trainee position at BalletMet and 1 is going to Oklahoma Univ. studying ballet.

The school has only been open for a year but my DD has grown tremendously as a dancer and as a young lady under their instruction. 

Please let me know if you have more specific questions.

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Thanks for the response, Noodles! We’ll check out the studio for sure!

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Lady Elle

I second Noodle on LDI.  Fantastic school.  My girl danced there as well.

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Does anyone have information on Scripps Performing Arts Academy?

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I just wanted to update that Max Tchernychev has his own small school, California Professional Ballet Program (not to be confused with California Ballet :) ) I'm not sure if they have a website but can be found on Facebook.

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