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I'm new to this site and am looking for information on San Diego School of Ballet (the school for the San Diego Ballet). My daughter is 12 and I'm looking for a pre-pro school for her. Somebody recommended it to me, and I'm looking for additional advice. I couldn't really find much on the other treads. Thanks so much.

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Hi miodis, I live here in San Diego and we are always in the quest for the best ballet training. My DD attends SD Ballet. There are a number of schools to look into though. There is also California Ballet, City Ballet, and San Diego Ballet that are all affiliated with a company. There are also small schools that provide great training as well like Ballet Arte. We personally followed a specific instructor named Maxim Tchernychev and are now at San Diego Ballet because of him. If you can tell what area you will be living in I can help a little more. If you are in the north county like carlsbad or oceanside then you also have options to go north where there are some wonderful schools. We go up on occasion to mission viejo for master classes at places like dimitri kulev studio or california conservetory of dance (they just lost melissa Bowman). What kind of training has she had so far? I have a wonderful ballet mom friend that gave me some great advice when we decided to persue ballet as more then a hobby. We went to all the schools and took a placement class. We researced the styles (we like vagnova for now) and went with what made sense for us. If you would like to IM me I can explain in greater detail. I hope this helps.

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Thank you, lpnlotus! I have no preference for a location, since I'm used to driving a long way for DD's academic school as well as my job. I lived in Los Angeles for many years, so am used to traffic and crazy freeways :shrug: My daughter prefers the SAB style of training. She's also done a little ABT style. She's never been exposed to Vaganova. I've been to California Ballet and City Ballet in the past, so am familiar with them. I've also been to Maple Conservatory in Irvine (and love it there).


We've had a lot of change lately, so in making this move, my goal is to have DD stay at the school for the next few years. Right now, San Diego Ballet is my number one choice, and I suppose I'm just looking for someone to confirm all is OK there. My questions are..


- In reviewing their information, most of their teachers have SAB/NYCB backgrounds, except for Max. So I was curious if the school is taking a new direction, or if the students adapt well to both methods.


- Do you feel a sense of "community" there? I'm hoping that besides excellent training, my daughter will make friends that have the same ballet goals as she does (her current school has changed focus from ballet, and sadly, many of the girls are wanting jazz competitions. She's feeling very alone there lately, so will be happy to leave).


- Do you know if the class sizes are large, or if there is a reasonable amount of students in the classes?


- Is there anything negative you've found that you'd be willing to share? We're pretty adaptable, so can deal with just about anything :)


We've been at a somewhat smaller school, though they do a very big Nutcracker and other shows during the year. Whenever I take DD for an evaluation someplace, or a summer program, the teachers comment that she's had excellent training so far. I'm hoping to now move her up to the "next level" with a pre-professional school, so that she gets excellent training as well as performance opportunities.

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I will be honest. There is some change with Max comeing over and some of his students following. They are all adapting to the new enviroment. They (San Diego Ballt) were all really tight prior to our arrival. Everyone is getting use to the changes still. We have gotten use to them as instructors and they have also gotten use to Max. When you see his advanced dancer's you will understand why he was followed. So the sense of community is still a work in progress. The change happened only last January. It is focused on Ballet but there is now conteporary and Jazz neither are mandatory. The Jazz seems to be fun for the girls and allows them to bond quite a bit.


Class sizes are reasonable. Level 5 seems to have the most amount of girls, some serious and some recreational. There are more classes offered this year compared to last year which we are all happy about. The facilitys are great! As far as performance oppertunities, Jazz seems to offer the most performance oppertunities and the teacher is wonderful!. The advanced dancers danced part of paquita last year, but the rest of the levels had barre and center work on stage for the parents. Nutcracker seems to be the biggest oppertunity for performance here. You never know what this year will bring. Hopefully more dance oppertunities! Maybe we will see you around. Most of the moms are great so just say hi and feel free to ask any questions in the hallway! Good Luck! You can also you tube and see some dancing. I know max has some on you tube to include last years paquita piece.

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Thank you again for the feedback. I can understand those types of changes and adjustments. Hopefully it will continue to get smoother in time. We'll probably arrive in late January/early February. I'm hoping that will be a good time....after Nutcracker is done, and ready for a fresh New Year!

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Thank you! those are the schools that I have found so far. From that forum I found Maxim Tchernychev, but it is hard to know where he is teaching now because in the San Diego Academy of Ballet website it says he is the director, but in the San Diego Ballet website it says that he is the ballet master, I am a little confused. Both are schools with pre-professional levels, can you please explain the difference? can he be in both schools at the same time? thank you again (English is my second language, I apologize for grammar and spelling...)

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Letyaz, the current website for the San Diego ballet lists Mr. Tchernychev as its Ballet Master. The school's Fall schedule page, however, shows someone else as the school's Artistic Director and lists Mr. Tchernychev as part of the staff (faculty member, perhaps. It does say he was a co-owner of the school . . . .): http://www.sandiegoballet.org/wp-content/uploads/Fall-Schedule-20121.pdf

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Hello everybody,after a lot of thinking we decided to relocate in the San Diego area, we want our DD to have better ballet opportunities and we live in a city with no pre-professional or professional oportunities. The area where we move will be depending on the ballet programs we find for her but we need to be relatively close to the border (for work) any advise will be super helpful since we are not familiar with the San Diego area. Please help since we are planning on moving before the next school year. Thank you!!!!

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Mr. Tchernychev is currently a teacher at the San Diego School of Ballet. He used to be at the San Diego Academy of Ballet, but no longer is. If you are looking for a pre-professional school in San Diego, and want to be close to the border, I would recommend San Diego School of Ballet (classical training and Vaganova training), San Diego Academy of Ballet (Vaganova), and City Ballet of San Diego (classical, with emphasis on Balanchine). There is also San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, but I don't know anything about them.

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You will find many good ballet schools in San Diego outside of belief. Outside of the big schools, there are many fine small schools as well. In San Diego County, these small schools can fit the bill as well. There is mine, To The Pointe, Del Mar Ballet, Ballet Arte, etc. Do your research, and find the school that fits your personal needs.

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Thank you so much for your help, I was confused between San Diego Ballet and San Diego Ballet Academy. We are planning to go and see the schools, my daughter is nervous about this change, we have seen some videos in you tube and all schools seem to have verry good training. Thank you for mentioning all the schools without a company I will do my research about those as well.

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Letyaz, it is our policy here on BT4D not to ask pointed, identifying questions of other members. We try very hard to respect each other's boundaries for some anonymity here. Many members prefer to keep a disconnect from their cyber life and their real life so as to be able to discuss sensitive issues without fear of home folks 'outing' them. Here is our specific policy statement:




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