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Neck Problems


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For several months I have been having problems with my neck. It cracks ALL the time. Lots of times it will hurt until I pop it. I'm not sure what to do. It hasn't caused any real pain and doesn't stop my dancing in any way, but it worries me. I feel like I'm going to get arthritis in my neck when Im thirty! ANy suggestions??




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Crunching, popping, cracking, gurgling and other assorted odd noises when not accompanied by pain are nothing to worry about and require no attention. Payge, let the moderators have a go at the questions first.

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Guest ckdancegirl7

I have similar problems (if it is even a problem)...my back and neck pop all the time. In school while sitting in a hard chair, my back gets VERY stiff and I have to twist in different directions to pop it and I usually get instant relief. For the moderators...do you know what causes stiffness such as this which can be cured momentarily by popping? I have heard that when a joint pops and makes a cracking sound, it is an air bubble between the bones popping. True? I am intersted to know for sure why this happens.

Anyhow Giselle, I definitely can relate! My neck as well as my back pops often when I tilt my head certain ways. I have heard that it is harmless though, as Mr. Johnson has said, unless it becomes painful. I actually have scoliosis, which is most likely related to the popping of my vertebrae. My back used to pop a lot more and it started hurting gradually until it became severe after a few months. Then I went to a bone specialist and I have been attending a chiropractor regularly. My back/neck hasn't hurt since I started getting adjustments at the chiro! I'm very happy about that.

In your case perhaps something could be midly out of wack. Maybe try stretching your neck out some...that helps me when I feel super stiff. Hope it gets better! :blink:

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Actually, the popping, as near as anybody can make out (they haven't quite got the specifics down even after all these years - same as why does water put out fire), is caused by a number of different structures. Little bulbs of liquid, ligaments passing over bone, and things like that. Free gases in body cavities means you've got the bends, so you have other problems! I suppose a small amount of cavitation about the end of the bone would be theoretically possible, but the gas would be immediately redissolved in the body fluids.

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