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Ballet classes in Chicago

Guest abqgirl

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Guest abqgirl

I am 28 years old and looking into starting to take adult ballet classes. I have looked at numerous places for adult ballet (i.e. Joel Hall, Hubbard Street) to find beginner classes. These 2 places have 1 basic ballet class a week. Does anyone know of a good place to take lessons in Chicago that have classes a few times a week for an absolute beginner like myself?

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Hi. abggirl! The Hyde Park School of Ballet has two basic adult classes. The Thursday evening one is the more basic of the two (the other one is Monday evening). Classes are small, between 4 and 10 students. We are very friendly and unpretentious. Several of us have just started this year. Ages range from about your age to the 50's. There is no dress code, so you can wear anything you want (slippers are highly recommended, but occasionally newbies -- or forgetful people like myself :thumbsup: -- dance in socks). Most people do wear some variant on the leotard/tights costume.


The only problem is it is not clear that the basic ballet classes will be offered during the summer. :D

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Ruth Page is another option. It is located on Dearborn, just a couple blocks south of Division. I take class there three days a week in the basic level. However, I would strongly encourage you to wait until the summer to start because the curriculum has been cumulative since the Fall. In the summer, they will start at the very beginning again.


I don't think the website lists the summer classes, but during the summer, basic classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. During the school year, they are at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

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Guest CyberDancer

Another suggestion would be to try another level -- I have found that the level of adult ballet classes vary widely depending on instructor, regular attendees etc.


I have also found that the skills of people in a class vary widely as well -- which seems to be generally accepted if you stay out of the way (i.e. slow moving people need to stay out of the way of faster moving people, if you don't know the combination do not plaster yourself in the front mirror during center etc, etc) and if you don't slow the class down with alot of questions.


Your post doesn't indicate whether you are looking for day, evening or weekend classes.


Aimee Tye (who also teaches at Hyde Park) teaches a ballet 1 Mon mornings as well as a basic ballet Wed mornings at Joels -- I don't take that class, but it appears to be some of the same people.

Also at Joel's there are 2 beginning ballet classes on the weekend, and you might try the ballet 1 6:30 wed nights (Reinhold), or the ballet 1 Fri mornings (Oberndorf). The schedule does not change during the summer.


You could also check out Ballet Chicago -- they have a beginning class Wed nights at 6:30 and a combined beg/int class on Sat. at 9:30. The schedule changes some in the summer.


Natalie Rast had been teaching a couple of beginning ballet classes at the Belle Plaine studio ) Belle Plaine and Lincoln Ave. -- I don't know the current schedule.


Ruth page actually has 3 Basic ballet classes - Mon and Wed at 7:30 and Sat at 9:30.

The same teacher teaches Ballet I/II on Tues and Thurs at 7:30 -- so you could try his Basic ballet class and if you liked him, ask him about attending one of his Ballet I/II classes. The schedule does change in the summer, but in the past the evening/weekend classes have been fairly much the same.

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Guest abqgirl

Thanks all. This information was very helpful. I work during the day so will most likely need to go in the evenings.


Quick question about Basic/Fundamentals vs. Beginning Ballet. If I have had no dance experience would I be able to go to a Beginning (and be at the back of the class)? Or is it really necessary to take basic first?



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