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I'm not Ms. Leigh, but I can do the job, too! :huepfen: Yes, you have 30 posts and are well past fourteen days on the board. Nothing to object to, so you go right in.

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Okay, Giselledancer, you should be able to see the Buddy Board now :thumbsup:

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Oh, OK, Buddy Board is a forum of the board that's really more for ballet-related chat, and invisible to anybody who's not manually admitted to it. Since it's a private forum, and to our knowledge has not been hacked, we allow members to post email addresses and such "in the clear" there. The member must be between 13-18 years of age, have posted at least 30 posts and have been a member for more than fourteen days. Oh, and they have to ask to be admitted. We used to ask, but we got a surprising number of "no thanks" replies! Go figure! :D

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I know I am not allowed to go on it because I have not been a member for 14 days but I will be able to in 2 days and I wanted to know how. Where is this forum?


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You will see the forum listed under the Teens forums once you are admitted.

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