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Guest balletfreak2004

Hey everyone! I was just wonderin if anybody has any good quotes. I like any kinds of quotes. Dance, ballet, love, funny, etc. If ya'll have any good quotes then please tell me! Thank you! :huepfen::huepfen:


Here's a good dance quote: Professional weight lifters can lift over 100 pounds with one arm.................Dancers can do that with one toe. :huepfen:

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Hi, balletfreak, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk at Ballet Alert! Online! :huepfen:


Problem is, this is not a chat board, but a discussion board. The Young Dancers' boards are for questions about technique and class and performance issues. While quotes might have a place in all these places, they're pretty tangential, so I'm going to wait for your next post, then transfer this into the Buddy Board, which is a chat kind of place. When you have been on the board for two weeks (14 days) and have made thirty substantial posts (Me too, thanks, wow are not substantial), then remind us that you want to be on the Buddy Board and we'll admit you manually. It's a safety precaution, and seems to have worked pretty well so far. Only Teens are allowed on Buddy Board, and nobody else can even see it.


In the meantime, posters are free to add favorite quotes until this transfers, then you can add to it over on Buddy Board.

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the beat is in the feet. but the arts in the heart.

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