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spins and turns


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I constantly here from teachers about how not to spin in your Pirouette, but what does spin mean.


As ABT Online Ballet Dictionary says

A whirl or spin


If a Pirouette is just a controlled spin witha spot then it is news to me.





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ping, we usually consider a pirouette somewhat different from a spin, however, technically I guess it is a "form" of a spin. The main difference, as you said, being control and spot. We tend to think of ice skaters as spinning, but dancers make pirouettes! :)

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A real famous example of "just spinning" is the grand pirouette à la seconde sautillé that is the curtain-faller for Ashton's "Les Patineurs". Yes, you spot, but you get up such a real head of steam that coming out of it...well, it's a good thing the audience doesn't see it. The fact that the supporting foot is flat on the floor is a big helper in stability there.

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:blushing: Major Mel- someone is familiar with Les Pat!!! Wow! I got a lot "huh?" last year when telling people my school was performing Les Patineurs for spring rep!


:):shrug: <- A spin

:) <- a pirouette


hehe :D

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I think most of the teacher/former dancers here would be familiar with Les Patineurs, SFB2b! I danced it many years ago, with ABT :)

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