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Guest waterwerty

I was wondering in most places if it was required to have to wear socks over your tights with ballet shoes. I find them really quite irritating with my ballet shoes, especially since they are such a tight fit already. I just wanted to know if it would be wrong or disrespectful to not wear them with your tights.. :)

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Depends on the school. SAB didn't (doesn't?) care, but at UBA, you must wear full-length tights, and if you choose to wear white shoes, that means white socks are mandatory.

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But if you wear very sheer microfiber or cotton socks, they can be just as comfy as only tights.

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Yea, more than one "sock-like" thing over your tights is a bad idea.

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I am attending the San Francisco SI and they want me to wear footed tights with socks over them. You guys have said this is a bad idea. Why? And do you have any suggestions for what socks or what tights i should wear if i do have to wear both footed tights and socks.

Thanks for any info..

Peace Out! :)

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I wore socks over footed tights for years without any problems. You might want to try very, very thin white dress socks, or wearing tall socks with ankle-length tights--it'll look as if you have full-length ones on, and no one will know.

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