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Don't know where to post an apology....

Guest enjoyingtheride

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Guest enjoyingtheride

I was participating in a discussion on one of the recent topics, and asked a question that appeared to be the wrong one. I do want to say that I did not mean to intrude, the question was born out of simple curiosity, and not maliciousness. I am new on this board and am learning about all that goes with this world of ballet. Please know that my intention was not to flame. I cannot direct this personally to the moderator yet due to my status on the board, so this is my best effort to make myself clear on the matter.


Sincerely, enjoyingtheride :thumbsup:

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Guest fille'smom
It seems in ballet one can often say the wrong thing.  I have not read the post but I admire your ability to make amends.

I agree. I have often felt that I have asked a stupid question or made the wrong remark here. I now try to think very carefully before I hit that post button...and even then I sometimes go back and delete what I posted. Don't worry about it.


PS I'll probably regret this post too! :D

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No harm, no foul, enjoyingtheride. I think I know the post to which you refer. I'm sorry if you had the impression that your particular post caused any trouble. I was taking preventative action in closing the thread.

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You're so special for thinking about apologizing and I don't even know what post you refer to. We all have made posting errors here at one time or another. Some of us, like me, more than once. :huepfen:


But in the end it is one of the nice things about this site. The moderators do a good job of keeping it civil and keeping this a nice place for all. Unlike some of the boards I've been too before I became addicted to this one. I'm wondering if one of the moderators could fit in my purse and nicely slap people's hands for me all day long? (mine included) :)



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Guest enjoyingtheride

Thank you, all. I did go back to reread and I can see that it was just my imagination, and that the discussion was just not going to help anyone.


I agree with momof3, when she says...." I'm wondering if one of the moderators could fit in my purse and nicely slap people's hands for me all day long? (mine included) "



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