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Stretching my feet

Guest Candi_Puff

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Guest Candi_Puff

Hello :)

Well when we are doing class and our bar work my teacher always tells me to stretch my feet but i am..... well i think i am!!! could you please try and explain how to stretch your feet problery in ballet?? becase at the moment i am turning out my leg from the hip and then sort of scrunching up my toes.... is that right??? well if not could u plz tell me how you would do it???



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Oh heavens, no! What you are doing there is clenching the feet, sort of like making a claw out of them. What you do to point a foot is to let the foot articulate, more like letting it unfold until it's pointed straight. It's rather difficult to explain in this medium, but easy to see in class. Ask your teacher to show you how a point should be done.

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Candi_puff, when you start a topic the title should be what the topic is about, not "fourm topics", as we now have several threads with that same title. I will change them, but in the future please put the question or what it's about in the title box. Also, we do not use teenspeak or computereeze on Ballet Talk. Please check your spelling and also do not use "u" and "plz" and other things like that because we have members from all over the world here, and many of them speak English as a second language. We also feel that is important that young dancers learn to write correctly, including spelling. (In ballet it's "barre", not "bar", for instance. :) )

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Guest Candi_Puff

Thankyou and i never barre was spelt like that, thats a funny way to spell it :P yes, i understand the way you tried to explain stretching my feet a little bit so is this what i should be doing - turning my leg out (from the hip) and then DON'T scrunch up my feet but bend them (my toes) a little bit but after that let my feet do the rest?? well anyway, sorry for using short laungage and i now understand that if english was my second laungage i certanily wouldn't understand it!!!!! I won't make the headings that again i just thought that for it do go into thatt topic it had to be called "forum topics" but now i know :rolleyes:

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