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Today in my gov't class I was staring at my feet becuase I was really bored and I noticed I had this little ridge on the nail of my left second toe. I reached down to feel it and it lifted up! The nail piece was only hanging on by some skin so I tore it off. There still is a piece of the nail there and some of the bottom layer of the piece that broke off is still there also. It doesn't hurt unless something hits it or if I press on it, and even then its only a little pain. My question is should I go up on pointe with only a fourth of a toenail? Also, this is happening on the same toe of my right foot how do I prevent this from happening? I don't know why this is happening but I assume it would have something to do with pointe. sigh...

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That "little ridge" is a sign of another nail growing in right behind and under the previous nail. You shouldn't have any problems with it. Just cover the nailbed area with a band-aid.

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