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Guest 2bORnot2b

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Guest 2bORnot2b

:) hi there!

i neeed some help with my developpes!

i cant get them up high (over 90 degrees) whilst keeping turnout

i dont think my turnout is really bad..how can i tell?


any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, 2b and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forum here at Ballet Talk at Ballet Alert! Online! :)


Run a search on "extension" using the search button at the top of the page. We've about covered this one like a rug.


As to turnout/rotation, is your knee facing more upward or toward the wall when you developpé to the front?

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Now are we talking working or supporting leg?

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2b, let's start with tendu. Can you do a tendu devant correctly, well placed, rotated, and not sickled? Let's assume that you can. Okay, lift it up to about 45º. Still rotated and not sickled? Okay, take it to 90. Still okay? No? What changes? If it's okay at 90, what happens higher than that? Do the same thing with the tendu side. My guess is that for side your leg is placed too far to the side for your amount of rotation. But start low, get it right, and maintain it when it lifts. Then go to that same position with a developpé. When you unfold the leg be sure that the lower half of the leg is forward of the upper half in order to maintain the rotation.

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Guest 2bORnot2b


thanks heaps


its actually alright at 90 degrees

i guess ive just got to take it easy and not strain it.because it sickles mainly when i strain to get the higher heights!


im just gonna take it easy.and start with lower lengths.so i can work up from that!

thanks again


thanks for all your help

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