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Demi-pointe & releve

Guest Chedva

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Guest Chedva

Please excuse my lack of knowledge here. I've seen the term "demi-pointe" used on the boards, and have a naive question. :) What's the difference between demi-pointe and releve?



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Demi pointe is a position, a relevé is one of the ways you get there :) One can also get there with an elevé (meaning to rise, but done without a demi plié first), and a piqué, which is a step up to the demi pointe.

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Another question....when, during a piece, one must walk across the floor, then is that termed walking en releve or are we to call that walking en demi pointe? Should the dancer always raise herself to the highest demi-pointe that she can or are other levels also used for such a walk? Just wondering as I've noticed so many differences in our dancers.

Thank you.

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