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My daughter is a junior and just starting the college process. She'd really like to go to a college with a classic ballet program- TCU is one of her top choices. For those of you who have daughters who have been accepted to the TCU ballet program, can you give me a feel for the caliber of dancer that is accepted? My daughter has attended notable summer intensives- Pennsylvania Ballet, CPYB. She's only been waitlisted for SAB, never fully accepted. Any thoughts or knowledge on this? 

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Any updates on this program since the new director? Specifically I would be interested in knowing about performances (are they classical ballets? contemporary performances? how many per year?). Also how many pointe classes are offered? What does the average day look like for a BFA major?

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Couldn't find much info on the website.  I do have a friend who's daughter just started there this year... Well, this week actually.  Maybe I can ask her but here is the page about what classes are required.



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The only thing I can offer first-hand is that my daughter had Adam McKinney as a ballet teacher at her summer intensive this year and he was incredible.


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In case this is helpful ... my daughter auditioned for ballet in the fall, and loves a lot about this program including their impressive director and faculty, absolutely beautiful studios in a dedicated dance building, a smaller program size (about 65-70 total each year includes both ballet and modern majors). You can audition for ballet, modern or both.

She enjoyed taking Adam McKinney's ballet class with current students, and we watched a pas class he was teaching later and were impressed! Audition day included two classes with all auditioners and a one-minute solo. She felt they had a lot of opportunities to see her dance - and she was able to get a great feel for the program. The students we talked with all seemed very happy. Many are double majoring or minoring in another field along with dance. Everyone in the department was really welcoming and seemed very caring and supportive.

Suggest requesting dance department materials on their website. More in-depth info. (e.g., where some of their graduates are dancing) was mailed to us that helped my daughter decide to audition there. They are also very helpful answering questions on the phone. 

We would also love any insights current/recent parents or dancers can add! 

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Has anyone received their results from the first round of video applications? Letters were supposed to have been mailed by the 16th at the latest, but my student has not heard anything yet.  Thank you.

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