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Thank you, iceydeville, for that info on the audition procedures. That, IMO, is really quite helpful and says a lot about the programs. I'm afraid that I do not understand SMU's audition procedure at all.

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I plan to audition for TCU, but I don't know much about the program (sorry pointebabe). One of my current teachers graduated from there (her picture is on the site!) and she said it's a very nurturing environment, and she turned out fabulous. She is a talented dancer and choreographer and a wonderful teacher. That's honestly all I know though.


I do have a question however, this post does have a point. :D I am trying to get a spot at the January audition and I can't seem to find any contact information! The Ballet & Modern Dance site has absolutely nothing, which is strange. It just says to contact them for an audition. I suppose I could write to them but I was looking for an email. I tried dance@tcu.edu (found that through the TCU main site) and have gotten no response. Can anyone help me?





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Apple, please DO call the Dance Dept. Have found them very helpful in the past, in fact have found just about everyone at TCU to be great! This is coming from a parent perspective.

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Apple - stay in contact with the Dance Dept. They'll get to know you and, believe me, it helps. Not to pass the audition. mind you, but to get all your ducks in a row. Worth it to phone and thank them for your info packet once it arrives. Department secretaries are THE best. (And that is true at lots of other schools as well!)


I continue to be overwhelmed by the level of warmth, caring and support our family has encountered at TCU. It is one of my younger DD's top choices. Older DD is now a sophomore there, doing very well, loves it.

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Here's a 2006 update on TCU: One of the dancers in my dd's school is a high school senior; she not only passed the TCU audition and got accepted to the university, she also got a HUGE (non-dance) scholarship. Don't let tuition in private colleges scare you, there IS money out there. Go Frogs!

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I was accepted into the TCU dance department and I will be attending in the fall as a Ballet Major! I am unbelievably excited. So I suppose once August starts if you want information about the department I can answer questions. B) GO FROGS!!!

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Way to go, Apple! :shrug::party::thumbsup::hyper::o:angry:


One of dd's friends will also be a freshman Ballet Major at TCU this fall. DD's older sister will be a junior at TCU this fall, non-dance major. She LOVES it there. We'll be visiting for Parent Weekend in September and will be attending dance department presentations; maybe we'll even see YOU there! DD plans to audition in November.



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TCU update. I was very surprised to learn that all freshman dance majors (modern and ballet) take Ballet 1 at TCU, with some exceptions made for those students who merit higher placement. Those exceptions are not commonplace, according to a person in the dance dept. Have observed a Ballet 1 class in the past; good teacher, but too broad a range of capabilities within the class. Granted, this was only my ballet mom's judgement, but DD concurred.


Any current TCU freshmen out there? Apple? Can you give some feedback as the semester progresses?


The untimely passing of Fernando Bujones was quite a loss to TCU. They have not yet named another choreographer in residence.


DD and I will be observing class again this year, both Ballet 1 and 2.

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Classes just started this week and I love it so far! Out of our freshman class (a little over 20), three girls were placed into Ballet level 2, and two into pointe level 2. As for the range of capabilities, I really can't make any judgements yet, except that I'm happy. I will keep anyone who'd like to know updated, and I'll answer any questions I can.

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How competative is this school compared to some others, oh let's say OU? Does it have a strong ballet focus or is it merely "ballet" masquerading as modern? What sort of performances do they do? Any Balanchine? What style is their ballet? Are any of thier graduates achieving sucess in any ballet companies (not modern)?

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