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Based on our friend's experience last year, audition results are sent within a few weeks. Please note that TCU has express requirements for the audition, including a form, photo and solo on DVD; it would be wise to contact the dance department ASAP. tcu.edu for more info.


DD took a ballet class there last week and I was allowed to observe. They invited her stay for a modern class as well. She loved it! GO FROGS!

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Well, the audition is done and everything has been turned in. I'm going out on a limb here from my usual mumblings and saying that I had a heck of a good audition and the auditioners seemed to like me, at least cause they kept smiling at me. Again, I was the only guy in the class and I heard they have 3 guys graduating this year. They also let me take a ballet class that previous thursday so I got to meet the faculty and all. And the class itself was fun and not overwhelming at all...I thought I kept up well. They asked me to stay for a modern class too, which was helpful for the audition. For the most part, it seemed like that they actually liked me, even after they saw me dance (god forbid...)


I was on for pretty much everything in the Ballet audition, and didn't feel at all out of place...the modern audition was...interesting...it was my third full modern class since I started dance so as you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive. Especially when she gave us 8 counts of "improv"...


Anyway, I am focusing on POSITIVE results from this audition, as opposed to when I auditioned at OU and knew from the get-go more or less that I wasn't to get in. So, with that said, I'm thinking that it will be about 2 weeks until I get my ACCEPTANCE letter...yes, thinking positively...woo...and stuff!...yay...I'm serious, this is me as an optimist...

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we are always in need of boys :unsure:


good job being optimistic! if I may add to that, I thought you did a good job in ballet class, kept up quite well, definitely. I was impressed. it's so good that you took those extra classes, it gives the faculty more exposure to you. plus you got to see what a real class was like! anyway, I didn't see the audition but I'm sure you were great


you'll have to let us know the results!

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Good luck, Chronus! Aren't the dance department folks just lovely? DD also has taken a ballet & modern class at TCU this semester and enjoyed both. She'll audition in January. Let us know if you'll be a Horned Frog next fall!


Apple, are you loving it?

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I am loving it! We just did the fall concert a week or two ago and I got to dance in Giselle, which was such a privilege as a freshman in my opinion. I love all my teachers, and my academics aren't bad either! If anyone has questions I can do my best to answer them, now that I've been here a few months :) It's turning out to be the perfect school for me I think! I'm very happy

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Apple, as soon as you get enough posts, expect a PM. We have a friend at TCU, also a ballet major, and she loves it, too. Hav been told they are actually going to build a new dance facility. Congrats on Giselle, too! :) It is really a big deal for a freshman to dance in the Fall Concert.

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:thumbsup: Congratulations Chronus - all your hard work and perseverence has paid off!!! Your joy is so infectious - put a big smile on my face this morning - I can feel your happiness jumping off the screen!
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