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Apple - Can a dancer MINOR in dance at TCU? Poor DD is looking for meaty ballet classes while majoring in something else. Just wondering. Texas is a bit out of our comfort zone, but ya never know ...

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I'm not aware of a minor, and I looked on the TCU website as well. I do know however that she can take classes for non-majors. After the placement class at the start of the year she could get into a class for majors even. There are two girls in my modern class that are non-majors. It's not an official minor though.

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Yes, well, being allowed into classes is worth a consideration! Some schools close their ballet classes to ALL BUT majors. Thanks for the input. Sometimes this detail is hard to discern from the college's website. Thx, again.

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Apple is correct, TCU has no "official" dance minor. Non-majors can take the non-majors classes or audition for the majors classes on a space available basis. One of my daughters has taken non-majors dance classes at TCU and she found them to be well taught, but not very advanced in terms of level. In the past, the non-majors classes have filled up quickly. Suggest those interested contact the dance department directly for the latest info. GO FROGS!

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TCU has had over 10,000 applications so far, up 47% from last year, to fill 1550 spaces in the freshman class. Deadline for applications is 2/15. There is only one more audition for the ballet or modern major, that is April 14, 2007 at 10 a.m. Website: tcu.edu



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I'm pleased to say I've been not only accepted as a Ballet Major, but they granted my a scholarship as well! All I lack is to apply to the big University itself, but I'm only one rec. letter shy from being able to do that. w00t!

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Let's hear it for Chronus, he received the TCU Norden Fine Arts Scholarship! :party::blink::yes:


Admission deadline is 2/15, so I hope you get the rec you need ASAP. It should be postmarked 2/15, so don't stamp it, take it to the post office and have them print out one of their postage "stickies" because the date is clearly on it. Post offices don't hand cancel any more, if you stamp it yourself.


I am so pleased for you, Chronus!!! See you in Fort Worth in August!

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I scheduled a visit for my dd today. They are sooooo nice!! Since she is a junior I thought she would only be able to observe a class, but she gets to take class! It was great to talk to a person that was so positive and willing to make my dd's visit just perfect! We arranged the visit around the upcoming show. I will let you know our thoughts after the visit.

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DD and I have found everyone in the dance department to be just super. In fact, we've had a positive experience with everyone at TCU so far. DD just loves it!


Enjoy your visit! There's a great dance shop nearby, too.

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