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grand jete en avant

Guest 2bORnot2b

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Guest 2bORnot2b

:D hi there!

i was wondering would anyone have any tips for maintaing turnout in the back leg whilst doing grand jetes en avant?

i can get the height!but my back leg just will not stay turned out!!


thanks for all your help! :thumbsup:

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Can you turn our your arabesque? If so, then you should be able to turn out the back leg in a grand jeté....IF you are moving your body weight both up AND forward and not kicking the front leg so high that it stops your forward movement and the back leg can't get up or rotated. :D

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Are you jumping in croise or efface? Both directions have the same rules, but croise can feel more turned in if you do not thrust your torso in opposition to the working leg. Efface could be just as turned in, but it just feels less so!


Also you might consider did you take off from a turned out supporting leg? What is your preparation for the jump :pas coupe, glissade, pas couru? Remember to always take the final step under yourself with the heel leading forward, supporting knee opening sideways (outward) in the demi plie. Jump more upward before transfering your weight forward maintaining the turnout of the leg reaching for arabesque (also pointe your legs, heel forward, stretched knees). Remember to land in demi plie with the weight forward on your "new" supporting leg, lifting the working leg upwards. If you do not transfer your weight forward correctly this also will turn in your back leg.


If this does not help, what about your arm coordination? Could that be throwing you off?

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Guest 2bORnot2b

thanks :D

i am jumping from croisse

when performing grand jete en avant (i know this may sound stupid) but which leg is considered the working leg?and which the supporting?


thanks for that!!

i am taking my front leg too high.every time i grand jete i concentrate on that leg!!!and im not transferring my weight properly!!

thanks heaps

i'll pracice that and get back to you!!


thanks :sweating:

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The working leg, in a grand jete, is the one that does grand battement front (at least it is the working leg before you land on it :sweating: )


I am not sure I understand you corectly though. Is your grand jete in pose croise front (seen in the air in the pose) or does it take off from croise, but the pose is seen in the air in efface?


I have always told my students to grand battement front as high as they can and with as much force as possible. It does sound to me as if you may not be transfering your weight forward soon enough! :D

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