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Another Champagne Moment

2 Left Feet

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I'm off work for awhile. With all my free time I've been taking more classes. I don't know what possesed me but I tried not one but two advanced level classes at my studio this week. Both are very fast and tend to have quite complicated centers. I was thrilled to find I was able to handle nearly everything we were given. Last time I took the Sunday class I had to stop before petit allegro and watch the rest of the class. Today I did everything! :wink:


Three years ago when I first started dancing I used to look into these classes and feel like I would never know enough to be able to take one of them. It all felt like so much work, I was too old to move like that and the dancers in these classes are really good. Simply watching was too intimidating :)


I just needed to share my good news. :wub: Thanks for listening! :thumbsup:

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That's the "sink or swim" method, and the way a lot of male dancers learned in the 20s and 30s. Congratulations! Apparently, you were ready for it! :shrug:

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Three years ago when I first started dancing I used to look into these classes and feel like I would never know enough to be able to take one of them.

I've been at this for three and a half years now, and I know EXACTLY

what you mean! Way to go! Little by little, with work and determination

we are becoming the dancers we've dreamed of being.


It was especially encouraging to read your post because last week was

a really lousy week in class for me. I don't know what it was, but it

felt like I couldn't hold even the simplest things in mind; I'd get halfway

through a simple combination and forget everything -- even a few things

that I KNOW I knew. :lol:


So, you're exactly right that we are learning, even when it doesn't always

seem that way, or (as you put it so well), in those charmed moments when

we DO see exactly how far we've come.


Way to go!

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I know what you mean. It gets really frustrating when you have those classes where simple things screw you up. I'm glad a had a good week last week becuase my allergies hit me this morning (ah, Spring!). My turns today were laughable in todays class. Oh, well. Good days, bad days...

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Way to go Ed!, I find you truly have to push yourself to grow. We all get comfortable and may not grow. I strongly encourage everyone to try a higher level of class than you believe possible.

Though I draw the line at Pointe and Calculus :thumbsup:


Buglady: Wazzup? Kill any good Microbes Lately?



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Congratulations, Ed! It's three years since I started dancing, too, and I moved up to advanced classes this year, albeit it not by choice... I - alas - am still at the stage where I have to stop and watch almost as soon as we leave the barre. You've done well!

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Hi MJ, long time no see!

I'm afraid the microbes need no longer fear me (for now!). I decided to try the stay-at-home-mom thing while the goobers are still little. They are currently 2, 5, and 7 and I am hip deep in cub scouts, little league, play dates, PTA, and American Girl doll adventures. The house is a mess, the restorations have come to a virtual halt, my life is busy, chaotic, and really noisy. But I am having a wonderful time and kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Ballet class has become a bit more of a challenge. The studio I go to is over an hour away, but it was in the same town as the lab, so I could go after work. Now I have to schedule carefully, book a babysitter.... it is more of a hassle to get there and more expensive when you add the sitter. Are you coming to ADC this summer? I will go to the 1st August session again. Hope to see you there!

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two left feet


I just returned to dance after a long (very long) hiatius. Three Classe the first week and everything from the waist down is sore! But it is a good Sore! I aspire to be the best I can be. I hope I reach that level where I feel suprised that I can do an advanced class as you have! Congradulations! I think all adult student have this fear that they are too old to reach for the stars. If you don't try, you'll never know!

Thank for for the leg up in confidence. Your comment has just made me even more determinded to push the envelope!

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A champagne Moment! I just realized I had one!


An important discovery for me personally was to find that an error in class is not a disaster. (Short of dropping the girl. LOL) I learned to laugh at myself and now I am always amused! This was a big change for me. I used to let anger and frustration ruin the good work and progress I had made. Now, when I mess up a combination, I just laugh and shake my head. I say to myself. well that will need some work! A change in prespective that has spilled over to the others areas of my life!

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Now, when I mess up a combination, I just laugh and shake my head. I say to myself. well that will need some work!


I think once you finally get to this point you've cleared a major hurdle in your attitude toward class. Not being so hard on yourself when you mess up, grinning and moving on, at least to me, shows a healthy view on the learning process. When this happens to me, the thought in my head is not %@#*&, I messed up! Rather, its something like, "Okay, I flubbed that one but I'll get it right next time."


I find I do much better in the tougher classes because I'm more aware of pacing myself over the course of the class. In slower classes, I focus so much on proper technique at barre that I usually run out of steam by the time we're into petit allegro. This is when most of my errors occur.

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If I had a dollar for ever time an instructor has said "your fine! your are too hard on yourself" I could quit my job and dance 7 days a week!


Steam isn't the problem! In addition to ballet classes, I do 35 minutes on a orbital trainer three day a week and lift weights 4 days a week. Even in the higher level class I took, I didn't run out of steam! Yes, during the grand allegro. :thumbsup: I had to turn up the bellows a bit. Physically, I can handle a higher level however, technically I'm not sure.


I think at this stage of my return, (by the way I had a lot of doubts about this) I'd be better off making sure that my technical base is solid. The two slower classes let me do that without the pressure of keeping up with students who have danced in a class for an entire year. I get to concentrate on more aspects of the excercise and better excution. I'm after beauty and grace at this point. I don't think the high flying Ballet stud is in my future!


I will check with the instructors (I have two teachers at this point) and let them know that I am interested in going to a higher level and I'd like their recommendations when they think I ready! I don't think anything will happen til the fall at the earliest. So, I get to take class all summer and improve!


Along with the attitude change, this board and my fellow older dancers have been very supportive!

Gee! I'm new here and I already feel like part of the group!

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