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I so admire you folks who are juggling so many children's lives at the same time as your dancer. I only have one other child and he's 5 years older so it really was a different scenario. He was so much older by the time she was dancing intensively that he had his own high school life. As all the rest of you have stated, we honored his interests every bit as much as hers. And she so idolized him for all his accomplishments that she once downplayed what she herself did as "ordinary' as compared to her brother.


In day-to-day life during high school he was happily on his own. He has commented sometimes that he was glad we were a busy family while he was in high school because we weren't peering over his neck the way some of his friends' parents did.


When he had an important event, daughter was very willing to give up something of hers so she could attend his. As you know, in an intensive ballet schedule, that can be tricky because of the all-encompassing nature, but she would let the ballet school know in advance that she had to be there to support her brother. His high school graduation weekend's activities for family ended up being at the same time as daughter was scheduled to receive a state award by the governor. We told her that we'd split up so she could attend that with one parent while son attended his event with the other parent. She said, "No wa, I want to be there for him" and she wrote a letter to the state explaining that she was attending her brother's graduation.


It's been so nice to see both of them support each other now that they're out of high school. They are very proud of each other.

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Guest dancinx2

It's great to hear that so many siblings out there are so supportive of one another. It may be their personality or the competitiveness for parental attention, but my kids have a big problem being happy for each other. The twins, especially, are very competitive, one more so than the other, and it's hard for me to compliment just one. I try to find positive things to say to each of them, but you know how some kids are easier than others.

Anyway, thanks for the continued support.

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Dd's big brother had an all-city tennis tournament this evening. Dd had planned on going to her ballet class, not because she doesn't support big brother, but because that is what she does six days a week, she dances! She dances, big and little brother play baseball and tennis, and I drive them to where they need to be! They love and support each other in spirit and enjoy hearing about the other's activities and accomplishments at the end of a day, but rarely have time to support the other in person.


After reading this thread dd and I had a long talk. We concluded that it was big brother's turn to be watched and supported this time. He has attended several ballets over the years and even enjoyed some of them, but this time it was her turn to do the watching and supporting. So we went to the tennis match. The games were fun to watch, but the best part of the day was seeing big brother's face when his sister walked up to the courts. After his match was finished he came over and gave her a hug and told her 'thanks for skipping ballet to come watch me play'.

He was happy that she came to see him and she was proud to have watched her brother place second in the city! It forever touched my heart to see how much it meant to big brother to have his sister there watching.


So thank you to all of you for helping me to remember just how important supporting each other really is. :pinch:

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Thank you for sharing the Big Brother Tennis story! We've had similar experiences that mean so much since their daily contact is not nearly as warm and welcoming! Big Brother at our house once said, "Ballet is not my favorite thing to watch but I'm proud of <sister> and her accomplishments." I had to share that comment with her when she was griping about going to the soccer tournament. Fortunately, it seemed to strike a chord with her 'cause she's been much more attentive to his soccer/baseball ever since!

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