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New pointe shoes...


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I was wondering something:

Today I started to wear pointe shoes with a narrower box and I really had a hard time with my balance, sissonne....and almost all moves where I had to find my balance on one foot. Could it be that my old pairs with a wider box allowed me to "cheat" ie not really be perfectly pulled up or appear to balance without having perfect placement :shrug: ? I am a bit confused and frustrated since I use to acheive pretty decent balance and pirouette on pointe. Any suggestions? (By the way, my teacher saw my feet in those pointier/lower vamp shoes and sort of forbid me to wear anything else because she said they enhanced my humble arches).

Thank you (not sure if I should post this in the pointe shoe forum)

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Give yourself a chance to get used to them, sylphide. This was just the first day!

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I'm trying a pair of shoes with a much larger platform than I'm used to, and in the first class I had balance problems in those. I think to certain parts of the brain NEW = BAD, no matter what.


Now of course I've adjusted to the new shoes and balancing is a breeze (something that's transfered over to the smaller platform).

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