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Hi all, I am new to this board, and this is my first question. I need to get an RAD Lavender leotard for my Grade Six exam, but I cannot find an RAD approved one anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get one...?




xx Jen xx

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Technically I should not be postng here, so please delete if this is unappropriate but I live very near by.


Freed of london supply them, so you could go up to London and go to their store. It is a very nice place and the people are extremely helpful. Perhaps you would like to call ahead to check that they do indeed have it in stock so that you needn't take the trouble to go and find they dont have it. the website is www.freedoflondon.com.


Also, I think in Woking, there is apparently a shop called Flashdance. This would be nearer but I am not sure if they stock the leos that you need.


Good luck in your exam :lol:

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Hi jennykaye!!


are you the only one taking the exam or are there more girls? if there are more, maybe you can ask your teacher where to get a lavender leotard.

also, if you're the only one, you may still be able to ask your teacher.


officially, nowadays, you don't need the RAD-logo on leotards, but if your teacher wants to, you can probably also look in the online shop of the RAD on the RAD webpage.


hope this helped you a little


have fun with grade 6!!



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Guest musicality

My daughter just took her Grade 6 exam a few weeks ago. For the first time, the girls picked out their own leotard and color. (Of course, the teacher added her opinions too) There were some restrictions, no cross or fancy backs, very basic solid color, and of one material. It was wonderful after so many years wearing the required colors. They picked a color they had never worn before in class and they were all ordered at the same time. Hope you get the opportunity to do this in the future! Good luck on the exam!

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Guest beckster

http://www.dancewell.co.uk stock the RAD recommended uniform and are very helpful and reliable. However, if your teacher wants you to wear a specific colour they should also be able to help you with a supplier! I did Grade 6 a couple of years ago and loved it. It was my first ever exam and it was great fun. I hope you do well - and remember to smile!


(Not a young dancer, sorry for posting on the wrong board)

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Thanks for all your help, and Becky, I read your Ballet Blog... very interesting. Like you, this is my first exam, and I am 19 years old!

I am looking forward to it! :ermm:

xx Jen xx

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