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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Driving time/traveling tips and waiting


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Wow! You guys have given me some great new ideas! I am not as creative! :ermm:


On the road there, we talk, talk talk. At least until she falls asleep then the radio is my friend or my own brain as I think through things it doesn't seem I have time to think through. But once there, if I have costume related things to work on then I do that. Many times I just take my machine and supplies with me and work for the entire time she is there sewing away. I actually get more done in the time I'm there since I don't have to stop for the telephone. On the off times, I just do whatever will relax me for the day: shopping, reading, sleeping in the car, chatting with a few moms, organizing the week's meals, etc. If I have one of the other kids with me, I'll go to a park or playground for a while.


I am thankful to those who have posted organizational ideas (have to search some ideas for this OAMC or OAWC). Since I went to work part-time days this year, I have noticed that I need to do a better job of organizing meals & the house so that the fast food drive through or local deli for a salad are not our meals quite as often.


Yes, with gas prices what they are, I am seriously considering trading in my gas guzzler for one with lower gas mileage and a lower payment.


I have set a goal of either starting to walk or joining the gym where I take her. My hubby is a member of the gym at home, but I"m finding that it was a waste of money for me since I am never at home. Maybe a gym membership there would get me going.......I certainly need to.



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Yes, I traded in my all-wheel drive gas guzzler for a small car that uses about 1/3 less gas and has almost as much cargo space as my former, much larger and more expensive SUV! :rolleyes: I fill up less often, even though my tank is smaller. It is a beautiful thing! :ermm:

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Ballet Taxi



First post here and this topic rang a lot of bells with me! We're fortunate in that our longest commute is only 20-30 min. (depending on traffic) only twice a week and her other classes are only 5-10 min. away. But add in extra rehearsals (recital time now and don't forget Nutcracker season) and we feel like we're in the car all the time! As a matter of fact, whenever she's in the car with us her 2 YO brother says "No Sissy dance." Of course, we also have to drive older brother to soccer/baseball/band but that's a post for another group!


Good links to try: Organized Home- excellent source of home management info for people like us. Good overview of OAMC, too, also providing more links on that subject. (While I don't really care for OAMC, I have tried it and sometimes do a modified version by cooking large quantities of certain favorite, freezable recipes.)


Christy's Once A Month Cooking - besides lots of recipes there's a Beginner's Tips link. She's also big on money saving.


Busy Cooks - I hate to cook but my family insists on eating. <sigh>


Crockery Kitchen- full of crockpot recipes.

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Guest ivy'smama

What a great topic! DD and I have lots of great conversations on the road. We have also listened to Books on tape (yes, I do remember Madame Defarge!) for her World History class since she's never home long enough to actually READ a book. (Is that cheating?) While she's dancing, I usually read or cross stitch and there is usually somebody to chat with. My problem is, I worry over how to stay connected with my other two when I'm gone so much. (Two girls - one 12, one 8. 12 year old resents dancer, is in the early rebellious stage and has no interest in after school activities of her own). All of your DK's siblings sound so supportive. Has anyone had to deal with a non-dk like this?


By the way, just this past week we traded in one gas guzzler SUV for a Honda Accord. My husband works at home (self-employed) and it just seemed silly for DD and I to be doing all this running in a big SUV when we could fit nicely in something smaller. We're still on the first tank of gas. What a difference!

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Dd and I used to be on the road a lot! and it looks like we may be doing it again as dd will be going to another studio next year. The radio was a life saver as was our tape player. I used to be a member of our community concert choir and I would practice our pieces with tapes. Dd and I would take turns. I would get to sing a while with my tapes and she would get to sing a while with her favorite radio station. We had quite the variety of music. :ermm:


As far as homework went, well, unfortunately dd cannot read in a moving vehicle to this day. It makes her sick. :rolleyes: Wish I would have thought of books on tape especially for those 2 hour drives on Saturdays!


My husband was the one that bought us our SUV for the commutes as well as a cell phone. He was raised on a ranch and grew up believing in large vehicles. It sure did help keep us from injury the summer that we hit a deer! and just recently when a pizza delivery driver hit me from behind. It is expensive though, especially now that gas prices are rising again.

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Ballet Taxi,

Thank you for all of the recipe websites. I was wondering how to do it all without resorting to fast food. We don't eat fast food at my house so I have been beating myself to death cooking meals at 8PM or later when the kids get home. I'm not much for cooking ahead but now that I've read how to do it I will give it a try. My ballet shuttling days are over but I still have a busy swimmer/water polo/ special olympics volenteer to drive and feed. My husband works nights so he just eats leftovers and is always too tired to help out. My heart goes out to the single and working parents out there who manage it all. Those recipes seem pretty fool proof for a lousy cook like me. When my kids list my assets cooking is not one of them.

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mini cooper

ok, here it goes!


Yes, I did buy a smaller car for the commute. I take my BA name from the new car. It is economical but positively fun to drive.


On the way, we listen to NPR, some crazy rock station, or CD's. Just yesterday, my daughter was doing some math homework on the way. She decided she would like to to listen to that guy who's CD I just bought. It was James Taylor. This was quite a milestone because she LIKES MY MUSIC!


Oftentimes, the music is shut off for good conversations.


While she is at dance, I hit a really nice gym. As I have mentioned elsewhere it has a nice lounge area with high speed wireless internet access. I am taking a class for a new certification right now, and I study or work after my workout. I can get cleaned up, and have my shower before I get home. This works very well. There are excellent places to run errands, and take care of stuff when I need to do that.


Also, the environment at the studio is great. Sometimes I will pop in just a bit early to see part of the class, and visit with moms and dads.


DD does do homework in the car. Yesterday, it was Math on the way up. On the way back, she wrote a paper on the laptop.


It all works really well, and I am happy to do it for the environment that she is in. Our school is wonderful.




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I've given up on making the drive work. We've moved to Bossov!

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Love this thread! :shrug:


Have a large van conversion (aka gas guzzler) and I sometimes pull down the shades, push the seat all the way back and sleep. :o

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My store is a block from the studio, so I get some much needed quiet time with no phones ringing. Only problem is other ballet moms who want to come in and shop!


DD and I just finished listening to Barbara Bush's autobio on tape as we drove to buy new pointe shoes out of town. She is really funny, but has a lot of great advice on life. DD would never have listened to me tell her these things, but was so impressed with BB's "insight"


Go figure!!

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I like the recipe ideas. Did anyone else ever see Seinfeld when Kramer had the "CAR-b-que" to cook with the engine heat while he drove?? I've often wondered if I could find one of those! :wallbash:

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All these creative ideas for using your time are wonderful, but they make me positively Tired.:yawn: We listen to books on tape, or our favorite classical radio station, and of course we chat. We also listen to Russian Language cd's and tapes to help with dd's Russian Language course for school. And because we do homeschool, we actually have the dinner thing taken care of. I just fix dinner after I get up in the morning. :) Well, maybe not before breakfast... But we do eat dinner around noon time (and somedays a bit before, so we can hit the road on time to get to ballet class). Luckily, we are able to do this because my husband works at home, too. Then in the evening (very late) when we get home, we just have left overs or a bowl of cereal before going to bed. At the studio, I just love hanging out and talking with the other moms and sometimes my daughter will do a bit of schoolwork. So, my house is messy, I have tons of undone "things to do" on my list -- but hey, my daughter got to ballet class on time! I'll attack my "to do" list in about 5 years when she's gone from home (provided the dust bunnies don't reposess my house on grounds of neglect).

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I'm one of those moms who just recently decided what she wanted to be when she grew up! So, although I go inside the studio to watch most of the time, I often sit in the car and study, espcecially during finals week......and guess what this week is!

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I thought that was just a Seinfeld episode! Too funny! My kids would get a kick out of knowing I could still burn dinner when I'm not even in the kitchen! :D

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