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Driving time/traveling tips and waiting


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The current burnout thread reminded me of this one. It's a timely topic for the beginning of the year when everyone's struggling with all the schedule commitments once again after a looser summer routine. Hope this helps. :sleeping:

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I like the idea from the other thread of leaving a little earlier for the studio, to get ahead of the traffic. And all the suggestions for making the best use of the time there. School work with the kids, finding a nearby park or playground, taking a walk are a few possibilities. Getting some exercise might help me feel less stressed!


How about some good time management tips for those of us who struggle with organization? Being too disorganized definitely adds to the stress.

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Routines, routines, routines! The best way to organize a disorganized mind is to sit down and build yourself some external structures by creating routines via a weekly planner. It's best done on a computer because that allows you the flexibility to easily adjust your plan if necessary.


Brainstorm for yourself all the most important things that must be done daily, weekly, on which days, and rate them from most important to least important. Using that list, develop a schedule for yourself. Write it down, post it in your home, keep a copy in your purse, keep another copy in your car. Train yourself to refer to your schedule to keep yourself on track and check off what you've already done. It's SO affirming to see visually on that list what you've been accomplishing as you pass through your day.


Read that plan every morning and throughout the day if necessary to keep yourself organized. Before you go to bed, celebrate what you've accomplished, add anything new that that might come up for the next day.


People whose minds feel disorganized (and I count myself solidly as one, motherof5), do actually lose time throughout the day often spinning wheels because of lack of internal structure. So we need to create an external structure around us that can support us. The only way to do that is through organizers.


The hardest part, of course, is training yourself to USE that lovely plan you've created. But it's absolutely necessary to do so. When I first started doing this, I had to put post-it notes all over my house, car, and office reminding myself to check my planner. :D It was the only way I could break my habit of forgetfulness and rushing pell-mell through my days. A humbling experience for a teacher, I must say, but one that's ultimately really helped me understand my students, all of whom are struggling with organizational issues. I get to model how well it works when followed and once in awhile I get to ruefully model what a mess can be created by NOT following it :blushing:


I can completely commiserate with anyone who has this kind of difficulty and I can attest to how stressed out we are when we feel that chaos going on inside our minds. Everything is overwhelming under those conditions. People without such struggles often cannot understand this.


Anyhow, lastly, get enough sleep! Moms seem to not be able to do this as well as dads. I've come to believe it's biological. We spend much of our motherhood lives awake in the middle of the night, don't we? Even when the kids no longer physically need us in the wee hours, we're still busy waking up thinking about them! But a sleep-deprived brain is a disorganized brain. Same is true, by the way, with water. Even a slightly dehydrated brain functions poorly organizationally. Make sure you tend to your physical needs!

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The single thing that has helped me most with organizing is http://www.flylady.net

This site and program has changed thousands of lives, homes and families.

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Although I'm still costuming and that is what takes up my sitting around time. I took up knitting! I have a two hours scarf pattern that takes me about 2 1/2-3 to complete (I'm new at this) and I have 6 scarves done already. Guess what the "gift of the year" will be from our family this year? And for inspiration for someone special check out the Celebrity Scarves book. All the BA moms may be able to spot me at auditions this winter. It's the mom with 50 scarves on around her neck!




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I have found that loose organization works best for me. I try to plan for the week, but with 5 kids and all their various activities, one coach or another often throws a wrench into the plans. I usually plan 1. things that must get done no matter what, 2. things that should get done, and then 3. things that i would like to get done but can be put off if needed. I fix the big meal for the day to eat at noon and then pack lunches for the evening activities and car rides. I also try desperately to have the laundry for the week done by sunday night. Unfortunately, the housework always seems to fall into category 3, so some weeks its good, and some weeks its verry very bad.

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Wow, Vagansmom! I'm printing out your post. You described me exactly! From the disorganized mind down to not enough water!



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When I got my driver's license, I entered into the world of the carpooler for classes or for civic company rehearsals, so I got culture shock from going from the driven to the driver. I found that one of the handiest things we could do enroute to anywhere was to play word games. Having delusions of English teacher, I had a good backlog of them worked up, and we could play all the way there, and all the way back, if necessary. I was surprised by the news coming from one of my former "fares" that she had recalled some of the games and taught them to HER kids, and built their vocabularies and taught them care in reading. It was very gratifying to hear.

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Wow, Vagansmom! I'm printing out your post. You described me exactly! From the disorganized mind down to not enough water!



I'm adding my thanks, too...my husband swears I have adult ADD. When I asked the administrative assistant in my office to buy me a day-planner a few years ago, she looked at me and said "sure, but you have to actually use it!" I dutifully buy a new one every year, spend the time to get it organized, and then after a couple of months forget to use it. Post-it notes to remind myself are a great idea.


All of your suggestions are great, Vagansmom, and I plan to print them out, also. :blushing:


Although my daughter now drives herself, I used to spend the couple of hours of waiting by running errands--grocery store, drugstore, etc. If I didn't have any specific errands, I would sometimes drive to a nearby mall and just go windowshopping. (This way I could avoid another source of stress--the one or two stereotypical balletmoms who loved to stir up trouble.)


:D After trying the "low-carb" South Beach diet craze, I have also found that severely restricting carbs can contribute to the problem of "organizational issues" and inability to concentrate. I now moderate my carbs & stick mostly to the complex ones, and the problem is much better.

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Guys, in a fit of frustration with the schedule,the kids, the car, I came up with the best plan yet. We are going to become Amish, and if the horse can't get there, we don't go. I think its my best plan yet :D

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:blushing::D A few years ago, tsavoie, I would've been there on the carriage with you.


Seriously folks, keep remembering the light at the end of the tunnel. Trouble with that light is that it also takes time to adjust to. :shrug:

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I drove my kid to ballet an hour each way, 5-7 days a week, for 5 years. For the first several months, I found it overwhelming, and didn't see how I would possibly make it until graduation. However, after about the first six months, it became very routine and not a big deal at all. Now, a year after Kait left home, driving to that same city again feels like a long trip!

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One of our big changes this year is that my daughter now commutes into the city every day for school and dance. On Sundays she has a class that starts at 10 am...she would have to take the 8:30 am train in, so we'd leave at 8. Now, I like my sleep, so this past weekend I thought I'd drive her so we could leave a bit later.


How WRONG I was! Now, I had seen something about streets being closed, but being the clueless person I am, didn't think to look into it further. Half the streets in downtown Toronto were closed off, INCLUDING the ones that hook up to the highway! I did manage to GET daughter to dance - but then the problem was getting home again!! MORE hassles! I have never seen so many streets closed! (I did get to see parts of the city I never knew existed though :yes: )


In total, I was on the road for about 3 hours. Daughter called me after her first class (1 hour, 45) and I was STILL IN THE CAR DRIVING!!!!


Moral of the story? When at all possible be good to the environment, take public transit, and don't expect to sleep in!

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I'm lucky, I've never had long drives just multiple short ones. At times I felt like a yoyo. Now my son plays water polo and has to be at school at 6AM some mornings. I am not a morning person and can't go back to sleep :yes: once I've been up and moving. But I can be thankful that he rode his bike all summer to practice.

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K8smom, I find it very encouraging that one does eventually get used to the driving!


I have to remind myself that when I started driving dd to a learning center everyday in the beginning of the summer, in unfamiliar territory, it took me 3 weeks before I could do the drive without looking at my husbands very detailed directions! :yes:

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