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Driving time/traveling tips and waiting


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janninepointe,  in Europe (and even a few cities in the United States) your train suggestion makes perfect sense.  However, in most of the United States, we have much fewer public transportation opportunities--- unless one lives in Chicago, New York, San Fransciso, or the like.  I suspect Oregon doesn't have many commuter trains.  So, we Americans really do "live" in our cars!

If you live where I do, which lost its railway station when dear Dr Beeching took the axe to it, and has one bus every two hours, you have to drive, too! We use the time for listening to music and talking and I read when I get there, although usually another mum will start chatting to me.


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I would like to start by saying thank for the suggestion of Menu Mailer. That website is wonderful. We get the low carb menu. It has wonderful receipes that normally I would probably turn away, but so far I have loved them all. I also found FlyLady.com that helps me with keeping my house somewhat organized and me more organized. So I have started organized my shopping by going to the Walmart that is close to the dance stuido and buy all my non-parishables and pet stuff and paper goods etc. Also I have found a place to work out that is 2 minutes from the studio. So I not only get my tap class on Mondays (which is a blast) but I get 3 days of work out time. The ladies that I have met there are very sweet and they are older so not doing the dance thing. I actually get to talk about something other than dance for a few hours a week. So I am now really enjoying my time and losing some weight and getting healthier.

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I am new to this forum and have enjoyed all the wonderful suggestions. My DD's studio is an hour away.(on good traffic days) At first I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of spending so much time on the road and at the studio. I have since learned to appreciate the time I have to myself when DD is dancing. I have read whole books through without interruption. I have learned to knit. I am learning a new language and sometimes I even take a nap. I think one of the best things to come of the commuting is that my husband has discovered a talent for cooking. :)


Most importantly, I would like to thank all the wise posters who have reminded me that the time spend with DD is precious. So the next time I get stuck in a traffic jam, instead of getting cranky, I will remember that this is the time to communicate and make a loving memory with my DD.

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Hi Marie!


I'm not the official welcoming committee but I see no one has extended a welcome yet so......




I'm sure you'll get the official one soon. :)

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Guest ballet Christina

I've just spent most of my morning reading all these great posts. I am now having to drive my DD daughter an hour each way to ballet. On the way there she talks to me about school and does her hair. I wish she would study in the car, but she is quite stubborn. Although, I enjoy the communcation, I do not want her grades to suffer and when she gets home she is too tired to get all her homework done.


Now what?


I have purchased a book light for the ride in the car and many times all she need do is read - Biology, or a book for English etc. But she refuses to try. She will then get overwhelmed with homework and not go to class so she can catch up. This usually happens once a week.


She is a Freshman in a highly academic school. I need advice on how to encourage her to study whenever she can. What tricks do you guys have to get DD to study in the car.?



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We travel about 45 minutes each way and like you ballet Christina, my daughter won't do work in the car...at least, not on the way there. She is usually having a snack and doing her hair.

The way home she will try and get something done but many times she is unable to because her books are at home.

(dd's school does not have lockers so they have an at school set of books and an at home set)

DD refuses to miss a class for any reason so she does get her work done when she gets home.

Homework loads in high school can be overwhelming and I have seen many kids opt out of class due to too much homework.

I don't know how to convince your dd to get her work done in the car. Maybe missing too many ballet classes will give her a bit of incentive to get it done before she is too tired.

I know dd's teacher would have a long talk with any of his dancers regarding this. Missing class, unless sick or injured is frowned upon. Class is done usually no later than 7:30 pm with the girls staying to stretch for another 15 minutes or so. We get home by about 8ish. DD eats a quick bite and is off take a quick shower and then homework.

Getting her up in the morning is a whole other story.... :wink:

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