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Woe is my ankle

Guest Hilarie

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Guest Hilarie

I have a nagging problem with my right ankle. It actually started when I was still doing gymnastics, and it came right back when I started ballet two years later.


The pain is at the outside front of my ankle, midway between the front and that bone that sticks out on the outside. It starts hurting anytime I land on that foot by itself, and it seems to be worst when my knee is far over my toes (i.e. landing a grand jeté). It's a sharp pain when I first land on it and continues to hurt for a while afterwards. In recent weeks it's actually given out on landings once or twice. :blushing: Also, when I do changements I have to really work to get that heel down when it lands in back, even though if I sit here and flex and pointe my feet the range of motion is identical in both.


It pops anytime I circle my ankle, and there seems to be a bony bump in the area of the pain that is larger than on the other ankle. There has never been any visible swelling, bruising, or discoloration there - it just hurts.


I know you guys aren't doctors, and I'm trying to get an appointment with an orthopedist as soon as I can... but if anyone knows of what this might be or anything I could do for myself to make the pain not so bad I'd really appreciate it. I'm starting to hold back when I have to land on it because I know it's going to hurt. B)

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Except for the pop, that sounds like something I had once. I rested it, and iced it, and after 72 hours it was all better. But when I say rested, I mean RESTED. Lucky it was high summer.

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Guest Hilarie

Do you mean stay off of it totally, Mr. Johnson? I already ice it fairly frequently, especially following ballet class, and that makes it feel better until the next class when I hurt it all over again. I'm only taking one class a week right now too. :ermm:

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Guest abcfordance

Not to take the place of your doctor here....


Some possibilities include stress fractures, strained talofibular ligaments, and myofascial constriction in the calf will often refer to the ankle. Tightness in the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles can also cause ankle pain, popping, catching and other common indicators of ankle problems, even though the ankle is not the issue in this case, just the result.


The fact that the joint is giving out is a strong indicator that you have a problem that needs attention. Mr. Johnson's advice of resting is good until you can find out what you are dealing with. Ideally rest means not doing anything but necessary walking .... at the very least it means taking a break from classes that are aggrevating the situation.

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Guest Hilarie

Thanks abcfordance, sounds like I really do need to get to the doctor. I'm a college student so "necessary walking" is a lot for me, but I have a break from ballet after this week at least. I guess for now I'll just keep my trusty ice pack at the ready until I can get a doctor's appointment.

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