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Guest kitrisomeday

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Guest kitrisomeday

well, one of my strengths is that i can turn out my front develope so much (keeping my back completely straight), that it is freaky. from far, it might look like my leg is not bending at all, just getting longer (does that make sense). the problem is:


i can develope front and hold it for a good amount of time at 100 degrees. however, some of my classmates in class (haha, you know who you are) can hold their's at a bazillion degrees, but not as super turned out. and my develope is valued as not as good.


no hard feelings (to my friend who can hold it at a bazillion degrees), but i wonder how much value turn out has in a front develope. should i start working less on rotation, and more on height and duration?


PS: i know, i am having a posting spree today, sorry!

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NOOOOOO! Extension without rotation, in classical ballet, is totally useless! :):wink:

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