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Shortening a tutu


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I have just received a practice tutu which I ordered from a catalog for my daughter. While it fits well and seems to be of good quality, it is about 3 inches too long for her all around. Rather than returning it I am considering cutting it shorter myself. This means taking the scissors to SIX layers of tulle and net -- dare I do this??? :dry:

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(If it's not ok to have me post this because I'm not a mom or dad, feel free to delete) My friend had to do the same to her tutu. It worked out fine! Just make sure you mark with a ruler guidelines around the tutu with some kind of marking chalk or pen so you make it even! Good luck :dry:

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Do you have one of those cardboard cutting boards - the ones with the gridmarks?


If so, you can securely pin the skirt to the board - use straight pins, approx 1 inch above and below where you need to cut. Take a deep breath and some sharp sewing scissors and go for it!


I have done this (in fact, it is how we cut tulle to make skirts) with fine results.


PS -- if one of the moderators would move this to "Pro Shop", you might get more responses

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It can be done. I laid mine on a table, measured from the basque to where I wanted it all the way around about every inch or so and pinned, pinned, pinned. Then cut away.


Be careful but not paranoid, remember, you probably can't wear it as it is now so if it's not perfect, it will still be better than it was.



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