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Seems like now is as good a time to any to start this topic...


Who's planning on going to ADC this summer and when?


Due to potential work problems I can only go to the June session. I'll miss everyone in August, but I'd rather not have my boss glaring at me like I did when I got back last year. June is wide open so I can go with a clean conscience. This also means no mad rush to the cell phone at lunch to check in on my employees. I'll be able to enjoy the session without worrying about whats going on back at home.

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I'm planning for the first August session unless some project comes my way, in which case I'll shift to another session.

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I told Heidi that I am going to try for both the June session and the second August session. Looking forward to seeing all my ballet buddies this summer!


Carolyn ;o)

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Erica and I will both be back in June. Only one session for me this year, but am looking forward to it!



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I was originally going to the first August session, but my work schedule has changed and I will be going to the 2nd August session instead. Can't wait! ( I'm hoping my foot will be better by then, too).

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I will only be attending the first August Session due to my responsibilities as Mother-of-the-Bride. I will so miss the June group.

Old Shoe, hope all is well w/you. I know there are others writing that I know but do not know your "pen names".


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I'm not sure which august session I will attend, I need to see when I can get time off.


Anyone know who is teaching when?



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I just got my info packet for the second august one- I don't remember all of it, but we have Kathy Sawyer, Tristi, Danielle, and I think , Tom(?) besides Heidi. I heard Pedro won't be there for either August session and the Versos are going to the first August one.

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Guest LA girl

Coming out of serious lurk-mode....Anybody remember me? Anyway, since I've been staying home with the baby instead of working, I am in the serious poor house and will not be able to attend ADC once again. That and I am sooo out of shape. I haven't taken a class since August, and not regularly since last May (at 9 months pregnant). I will miss you all.

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Coming out of serious lurk-mode....Anybody remember me?  .

Amber, of course we remember you and will miss you at ADC! How's motherhood treating you?

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Guest LA girl

Pretty good except for the lack of uninterrupted sleep! The most amazing thing is seeing the world for the first time through her eyes. I love watching her discover something new. And she did enjoy watching Nutcracker on TV this Christmas!

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As I did last year, I am going to the second August session. This time, I am bringing two of my classmates and one of my instructors.


Word got around, and a couple of other students in more advanced classes also registered with ADC, but for earlier sessions. It seems that I am leading a whole platoon from the adult classes at Boston Ballet to Richmond.


At the end of last year's camp, I was charged with recruiting more men, but (except for my instructor), no luck so far. :P

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At the end of last year's camp, I was charged with recruiting more men, but (except for my instructor), no luck so far. :thumbsup:

Hello, Hilarion and other ADCites, ADCers, etc...


I am not sure yet, given some work travel obligations in and out of the

country, but I will try to attend the second August session, and possibly

one in June -- but that is a bit less likely. If/when I do, I want to go on

record as giving Ms. Hilarion the credit for "recruiting me."


Just trying to be helpful... :P

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:P Hey! That's MR. Hilarion to you, bub!


Did you ever see Giselle? Hilarion is Giselle's decent but pedestrian peasant betrothed who gets thrown over by her. Later, while grieving her death, he is trapped by the Wilis (sp?) and forced to dance to death. Talk about adding insult to injury. :green:

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