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Hi. This is kind of irrelivant to anything, and doesnt really need advice, but I just wanted to let Mr. Johnson and Ms Leigh know that the director of my SI called my mom yesterday and said that he would alter the schedule for me for the summer, and get me physical therapy and everything I need. Assuming that I won't be in a lot of pain when June 26th rolls around, I get to go!

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That is really excellent news, Jenna! Very happy for you, and not at all surprised to hear that the director of that program was so helpful and accomodating! :pinch:

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Guest five feet seven

yay! Jenna, im glad. When we were at WSB together last summer it seemed like you really loved ballet.


My friends who went to walnut hill loved it.


Plus...... almost everyone gets a single!!!!!! :wink:

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