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DVD/Videos: Dying Swan

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Mel Johnson

It is also the only section of "Carnival of the Animals" that Saint-Saens allowed to be published before his death. The rest of the music is rather satirical about audiences, critics, fellow composers, musicians, Paris in general, and the composer wanted to be talked to after publication. After 1921, he didn't care.

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Guest onpointe23

I have to say that the Dying Swan is my favorite piece of music and my favorite solo ballet. I love it sooo much!!! :blushing: Is there a way I could possibly a VHS or DVD of someone performing it, order the music, or listen to the music online?? Thanks for any help. :(

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Victoria Leigh

The music should be available anywhere, as it is from Saint-Saen's Carnival of the Animals. I don't know about a video. There is not one of Pavlova, but there might be one with Plisetskaya, who was quite exceptional in this solo.

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Guest onpointe23

Thank you, Ms. Leigh! :blushing: I will try to buy the music, and I'll keep asking around for a video.


Zed, no this is not a book question. "Dying to be Thin" wasn't one either. :(

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True, true.


I couldn't find videos on amazon.com. I also looked to see if there were mp3 or radio.blog versions of the music, but I couldn't find those either. I'll pop in if I do.

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Les Ballet Trockadero perform the Dying Swan. It is available on DVD but it is a comic version of it (but very good)

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Mel Johnson

Further, on Amazon, there is at least one VHS recording of The Swan. When searching for video recordings, use the small search boxes at the left side of the screen, and select first, VHS, then enter "Bolshoi Ballet" in the box below. Look through the product descriptions carefully. You'll find it.

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Guest onpointe23

Thank you Dance_Scholar_London and Mr. Johnson!! :angry:



"The Poem of Dances: Maya Plisetskaya & State Bolshoi Theatre Ballet (1969) "


The product detail says "Maya Plisetskaya in "The Poem of Dance": Program: The Swan (Saint-Saens) "


Is this the one I want?

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There is a clip of Pavlova's Dying Swan... though the video is insanely fast (because it was taped a long time ago). There also is a video with Plisetskaya dancing it -- the one you discussed, I think. I have heard that there is a video of Nina Ananiashvili dancing Dying Swan.

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Nina Ananiashvili performs this solo on the DVD : "Essential Ballet: Stars of the Russian Ballet". It is available through Amazon.


It is quite a DVD, featuring excerpts from a variety of classical ballets. Nina does a lovely job with the Dying Swan at an outdoor performance in Red Square.

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