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DVD/Videos: Dying Swan

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There was a thread a while ago... a girl requesting info about the dying swan as she was going to perform it. I dont remember her name but I am sure the moderators will.

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No problem. Glad to help :thumbsup:.

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ABT Wannabe

This is the piece that was choreographed for Anna Pavlova and was in carnival of the animals and makes people cry because it's so beautiful, right?

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Guest sarabesque

I saw a partial clip of what I thought was Pavlova doing dying swan- it was a a video called liek the Best of the Kirov or Greatest Kirov or something... I will look in my dance teacher's libaary if I get a chance and find out the real name. I'm pretty sure the back of the video case said it was Pavlova.

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Mel Johnson

There are bits and pieces of film showing Pavlova dancing the Swan. The problem is that it was shot on cellulose nitrate film, which deteriorated, so what we have is fragmentary. Also, the film was shot at about 14 frames per second, which is much slower than the modern 26 fps. A lot has to be filled in by the imagination.

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Mel Johnson

Oddly enough, the technique for trying to fill in the missing frames from the surviving film were developed by the same animation studios in Japan that produce anime. I think it gets it right sometimes, and sometimes not. The one thing you have to notice about Pavlova in whatever surviving film there is of her, and there is only a little more than you'd think, that she wasn't this delicate little thing. She may have been somewhat thin, but "strong like bool!" Truly amazing, from whatever angle she is found.

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