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back flexibility


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what are some exercises for back flexibility? in particular, upper back flexibility? I have almost none is my upper back and my arabesque is suffering from that. I already do bridges, "swan stretch", and back crunches. Is there anything else?? thanks :unsure:

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Just practice getting port de bras correct, and I don't mean just a cambré back, although that will help, too, but everything in well-used arms will encourage the proper use and flexibility of the back.

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Guest Giselledancer513

The only thing I know of to work your upper back is, lay on the floor and go into the cobra stretch but once your there bend your arms just slightly and force your ribs flat on the ground.

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There's a shoulder stretch you can do against the wall. Its hard to explain, but you face the wall, slightly out from it, put your hands on the wall, above your head and try to put your chest again the wall. This is an extreme version of it, but it looks like this:




Laying over a pillow or bolster helps open up the spine.


I think Mr. Johnson said this too, paying attention to your port de bras when you're in class as well

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