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Guest Dancing_N_college

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Guest Dancing_N_college

:unsure: Hey Everyone!! I am new to this message board, and was just wanting to maybe e-mail, and chat with some people that love the same thing I do.......DANCE!! If you have AIM, you can instant message me on Yeehawashishere. If you want to e-mail me, my address is: ckash18@earthlink.net


.........Just a little about myself. I am 19, and in college. I just started dancing in August, and I have decided that it is my major. I am taking ballet and modern technique classes, and I am in hip-hop, jazz, and tap classes also. I love everything about it. It is soooo much fun. But yeah. I would love to hear from you!!

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Hi D N c and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :unsure:


This isn't really a message board in the sense of many other message boards, but a discussion board, and socializing, while fine, is really the province of the Adult Students' Buddy Board, which was made with dancers like you in mind anyway. So, I'm going to transfer this thread there, and encourage folk to chat you up.

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Guest meliss83

hey!! My name is melissa i am also in college, i started dancing when i was 19 as well :unsure: My AIM is DulceAuror, im me whenever if you'd like! :sweating: And good luck with everything!



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