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I'm helping organize the RDA Southwest Festival for next year here in Abilene. I just attended the one in Beaumont with some other BA moms. I was thinking about offering a Starbuck's sponsored book discussion program for parents. Do you think anyone would be interested? I own 2 bookstores and do a lot of programs for various groups, but this one would be a lot of fun, on ballet books. There weren't many programming opportunities for parents in Beaumont. We are looking at offering one on nutrition by a cert. nutritionist, one on costuming, injury prevention by a PT who works with dancers, and a couple of others that I can't remember.


I was just wanting some opinions....



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as always, you are brilliant. I personally think this is a great idea. The opportunity to visit with a physical therapist who works with ballet folks would be wonderful. Getting the latest thinking on nutrition issues would also be great. Costuming is not up my alley, but there were others in our group who may have enjoyed such a thing.


The key would be to make it affordable, and in close proximity to where the students are. In some cases our chaperones were with younger kids, and wanted to stay close by. I was merely an observer, and it would have been nice to check in to something like this.


I offer a couple of other suggestions - non-profit administration....sources for scholarships for SI's.....fundraising forum for ballet companies. Any of these could be done in a panel discussion format. I suspect there are some very knowledgeable volunteers within the RDA group who would be willing to volunteer to share their knowledge.




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Those are wonderful ideas. As well, a couple of RDA festivals are offering a Tutu making workshop by tutu.com. I know the one at our festival is already full.



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Great ideas! These forums would be held in one of the extra conference rooms where we are holding the dancers classes. Same complex, just upstairs. We have a "Center for NonProfit Management" at one of the universities here, I'd bet they would be glad to come and give a little seminar with lots of handouts for home research. I'll pass along the information about tutu making.....just the thought of that makes me sweat!

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i realise DVD aren't books. so if there is a better board to post this, please feel free to move it around -not that you'd need my permission...


I wanted to order a DVD of SwanLake, since I love this ballet.

I have a very inresting version preformed by a male cast, but I has hoping to get something a tad more classical.


I had my hopes on the Peter Martins version with Maria Kowrowski, (but I fear its not available :pinch: )


What REALLY good versions are there out there?


Ive seen a small piece of ABTs version with Gillian Murphy and enjoyed it, but am open to your suggestions.

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Of all the Swan Lake's i have seen i have 2 absolute favorites. Both are available on DVD from Amazon.com, but there is no way i could choose between the two. So get both of them!!! :pinch:


Makarova, Dowell, Royal Ballet Covent Garden (1972)

-Dowell's partnering along with Makarova's interpritation of odette especially make this worth watching over and over. She brings a vulnerability to the charecter while Dowell is ever the prince.


Mezentseva, Zaklinsky, Kirov Ballet (1972)

-Mezentseva might be one of the greatest Odette/ Odile ever, and Zaklinsky is amazing in his own right. They are beautiful to watch together.

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My favorites are Swan Lake with Mezentseva and Zaklinsky (here) and Makhalina and Zelensky (here -- but a VHS).


Another note: I don't think that reviews should influence your decision, try to see for yourself; people differ A LOT in opinion.

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Very true Very true! I didnt realize that Makhalina had a Swan Lake on video!!! Something to add to my ever growing want list. I tend to be very biased towards Russian dancers and their interpritations for many reasons. But everyone has their own tastes and it is good to see as many as you can. Then form your own opinion. But a word of warning, when you start to aquire Swan Lake's it can become a bit addicting. Actually that applies to any ballet video. So Cheers to collecting!!!

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speaking of the best Swan Lake Video, I would love it if someone would make one of the new Swan Lake that Chris Wheeldon set on PABallet. The company is presently peforming this ballet at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland to RAVE reviews. I think it would be fantastic to have this in video for all to see.

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We have ABT at Lincoln Center 1988 and just got Kirov with Makhalina and Zelensky. I really like the costuming in the ABT. However, I like the Russian technique better. The Kirov has very good film quality unlike some old Kirov videos. The Kirov also seems more close up and feels like being in a small theater.

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I have the Swan Lake from Berlin Staatsoper Ballet on video. It is wonderful. It is quite new- maybe 1999 or 2000 or so.

Not sure where to buy it though.

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Hello! Today I have been looking on Amazon for the best version of Swan Lake. Do any of you out there have a favorite Swan Lake movie/DVD with a certain company you just love?


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