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summer trouble

Guest kitrisomeday

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Guest kitrisomeday

well, this is how my summer is turning out to look like:


-school ends

-2 weeks break, NOTHING

-2 weeks in greece

-4 week SI


and i just realized, uhoh, the SI class placement auditions are on the first dayof the SI!


and i will haVe taken a break for a MONTH before that


i am probably gonna be really....not in shape


no, i cant take classes in greece, because our house is in the third world country part (jk, im exxagerating)


and no local SI's or classes go on during the first two weeks



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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

Wow, Greece! How fun!


I know what you mean. This year my ballet program ends earlier than usual. I'll be taking 3 weeks of a local summer intensive to get back in shape. Swimming is very good for dancers so maybe you could do some of that. You can even do a ballet class in the water (hydroconditioning). It helps your turnout and flexibility!

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Guest kitrisomeday

forgot to mention, another problem is gonna be the jetlag.


i will be extremely hyper and awake in the mornings, but at 6 pm, i will feel like i have to hit the bed


and this SI has night activities until 9 every night (except the weekend)


eeeek, this is not getting better

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Look to see if any local studios are having open classes in that 2 week time period. If not, stretch daily, and I'd suggest purchasing a ballet workout video (if you don't already have one), and do that multiple times a week.

Hope this helps! oh and have fun in Greece!

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kitrisomeday, WSB I thought had adult classes? If they don't MYB has adult classes in the morning and at night. I see quite a few kids from WSB there during those two weeks before most SIs start. There are plenty to take for that two week period. :blushing: I hope you can get to some! Good Luck this summer and have fun in Greece :blushing:

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Guest kitrisomeday



i dont think WSB is open for those first two weeeks. however, i will look into MYB adult classes. I'm only 13 though, but i guess i could just...go to one...?

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When in Greece, find some evzonoi and go dancing up and down the sides of mountains. That'll keep you in shape! Of course you have to be smashed on ouzo, but hey....

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don't automatically assume you won't be able to take class in greece! will you be on an island or in the city? in november i brought a pairs of tights and a leo just in case, and it turned out my uncle's apartment is above a ballet studio! they were very nice about letting me take children's classes as well as open classes. i took from a wonderful teacher from the kirov ballet, it was a great expierience! well anyway if you're going to be in athens i can get you the address, but anyway just keep your eyes open for a studio!

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Guest kitrisomeday

SFB2b, i will be in our athens house for 2 days, in Plaka. for the rest, i will be in our little island (Naxos).


Mr. Johnson, i will try the zorba with the evzonoi, but i dont think my parents will be too crazy about the ouzo part


i have decided that i will buy the NYCB workout thing (it comes on dvd, right?) and i will bring my laptop and play it on that. i hope it comes on dvd, because the island home doesnt have a tv or vcr.


SFB2b, maybe you could PM me with the adress of the ballet person?

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You have a place in Naxos? Next thing you know, we'll have to change your name to Ariadne! :flowers:

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Hey, thats really close to Cyprus! :) Too bad that I'll probably be in Russia by the time you go there!


Just continue doing your regular class every day, (in the living room or something) and stretch. Good luck!

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Guest Cballet4me

It also helps to push-ups and sit-ups every day. 20 or 30 of each. Also, if you have one, you could bring your thera-band and do exercises like that everyday. Have fun in Greece! :D

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HOWEVER, the pushups must be the women's modified pushup, or even the torso-only variety if you're going to do that many. No full-length pushups for women!

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