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What can I do to Improve my chest.

Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time

My brother is off in Italy Modeling. So I can't ask him at the moment. I want to build up my chest and get those nice looking chest you see on models. Does anyone know how to do that. I don't want to look like a female by any means. I just want a nice chest like I see in the magizines. I am currently doing plenty of push ups but I am thinking there is more involved. I am going to start my runs again once the weather is nicer. I liked like to run around in a pool because I heard it is better for the joints in your legs and feet, but I have no pool and I am not too fond of lakes or ponds I had a scary encounter with a whole gang of water snakes. :devil: . Any tips or is this inapproperaite to ask in this forum. I am not asking to become Vin Diesel. I just want to look defined not average.

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That's really a job for a trainer, not a ballet teacher. I would take some time with Pilates, and tell the trainer what your goal is. They take it from there.

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They help some, but only some. What they do is give you a really strong forward push. That's not as useful in partnering as you might think.

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Try vertical pushups. Put your feet up on the wall (wear very clean white socks for this) and lift your own entire body with your arms and shoulders. Keep your back very straight, and don't turn your hands in. Do just four reps for a week. Next week go to six. Then go to eight. We don't want to get carried away here! You will build very nice deltoid muscles this way.

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Is there an excercise that one can do with handweights? Vertical pushups sound a little dangerous.



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There are press lifts with moderate barbells, but that has its drawbacks, too. You don't want to do either one without a spotter.

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After a couple of months' hiatus I'm back in the weight room again,

and so I thought I'd pass along something I noticed which makes

a difference for me regarding bench presses. I find I'm getting a

lot more out of doing separate sets of incline and decline bench presses

than I ever did out of doing the standard bench press. This may be old

hat for you gym rats, but a trainer started me doing the separate

presses instead of my standard vanilla bench press because the incline

and decline presses better isolate the muscles of the upper and lower

chest (respectively). I can't really SEE a difference yet, but I sure can feel it!


Good luck...

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Excellent suggestion Dread Pirate!


I've been weight lifting for about a year! The first round of improvement can be gained by chest presses, both vanilla and inclined and by a machine call a Pec-deck. Add the benches in and then start some over the head work because I found that my shoulders started to look small.


You need to see a trainer for this, just as you did when you selected a class instrutor to show you how to dance correctly.

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