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memorable performances?


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New to this forum and an ex dancer..sadly...i have many memories of my days in ballet when young


I wonder what your or your boys memorable performances have been?


Also, i recall many costumes good and bad...which have been the worst/best!?



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Welcome, Clivex, to the Parents of Boys forum on Ballet Alert! for Dancers. As this is your first post, I get to be the first to officially greet you! Please look around the site and find other threads of interest while you are waiting for answers here.


As I am not a parent of a boy, I will leave it to others to reply.

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Guest PAmom

Hi clivex,


Like a lot of the parents who post on this board, I am not a performer. Are you a male ex-dancer? If so, you may get more interesting responses about favorite performing memories on The Men's Forum .


Looking back on performances past can be fun. Every perfomance I have seen my son is in is a wonderful memory for me. I fondly remember the first time he danced the Blue Bird in The Sleeping Beauty, he was about 10 then. This year, eight years later, he had a chance to perform it with Mobile Ballet Co., I wish I could have been there to see it.



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Yes...sorry i didnt make it clear...i am (or was) a male dancer


I studied ballet between the ages of 7 and 18 and then sadly let things slip, but returned to do amateur performances a little in my 20's and 30's


Bluebird is a wonderful part...i expect you were proud

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Guest Artistka Baleta

Hi Clivex,


I'm an older sister of a ballet dancer boy and I have had a few memorable performances with him. He was about ten years old at the time of these occurences.


We both dance at a Vagonova method school so sometimes for our summer intensives we have professional guest dancers come and perform with us. One year we had this really awsome dance where all the men and boys came out and did a dance together. There was a lightening storm happening outside during this dance. Well, the power went out during the dance quite a few times and they had to restart the song every time it did. As a result, the boys ended up dancing that song about three times. :D (Of course I had no problem with that) :)


Another time, my brother was sneaking around backstage during another studio's performance trying to find an "out of the way place to stand" before his dance came up. It was a recital type thing where studios from all over the county come and do a dance. He was carfully placing his steps so as to not make noise or disturb anyone when he totally tripped over a rainstick instrument and not only fell on a bunch of props and caused everyone backstage to look at him but of all things to trip over it was a rainstick. Those things just don't shutup! :helpsmilie: After that, he sort of dissapeared into the shadows. :o


Our studio did "The Nutcracker" professionally and we had ballet stars from Germany and The Kirov come to perform with us in it. That was a very memorable experience for my brother. He was a party boy and a tin soldier. Because he was a tin soldier he was able to fight the evil rat king and his minions whom were played by professionals. He was also able to share a dressing room with some of them. It was really neat and he was proud of his roles. :pinch:

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