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Would anyone know of some exercises to help me with my feet! Now I have pertly good arches, but I need help with bring my heel forward, especially when I tendo to the side! I also sickle a little bit when I am doing inside pirrotes :flowers: (sorry I don't know how to spell that) If anyone knows of some exercises to help me, that would be great!

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Guest devion101

There have been many posts on this, so you might want to try a search under 'arches' or 'feet' or something similar... But, the exercises that have helped me 'wing' my foot more and stop sickiling are basically, in class, to work on engaging the muscles on the outside of my calf, the kind that make an indent on the outside of your leg. You can also loop a theraband around the outside of your foot and slowly go from slightly sickled to winged. This exercise will help you get the feel of where your foot should be when it's not sickled. I hope I helped!



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A correctly placed tendu to the side will not sickle. The position of the foot is the same as the position of the foot in tendu front, just carry it to the side and don't let it change. If you go beyond your rotational ability, it will sickle. Most sickle feet are caused by not using your rotation correctly and trying to take the leg too far to the side.

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This used to happen to me but slowly its getting better. In tendu to second I had it too far back. Doing the exercise Devion told about really helped me. I did it twice a day- morning and night. Just don't expect to see results for a while. It still creeps backs sometimes and surprises me!

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